This is a gratifying moment of my life: Pawan Chamling

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Namchi, September 5, 2013

“This is an important and gratifying moment of my life today” said Chief Minister Pawan Chamling while addressing hundreds of devotees inside Shirdi Sai Mandir as the Chief Guest during the third day of Sri Ram Katha Nava Gyan Maha Yagya program here in Assangthang South Sikkim on September 4.

Appreciating this spiritual program, he said that it is a rare sight today in the society to witness these type of religious program especially discourse program like Sri Ram Nava Gyan Katha owing to the modernization which has become a major distraction nowadays for society.

He urged the people to take lesson from the Ram Katha and adapt the goodness and virtue of the story in practical life to create a dignified and respectable society.

At present the State Government has not only given priority to modern development but has given equal concern to the development of religious aspect in Sikkim through various ventures bringing balance in the complete growth of the state informed Mr Chamling.

Saying that the modern development concerns only the physical aspect whilst religious part helps in the development of the soul & mind, he summoned to the gathering to acclimatize the teachings of the religion in their lives to maintain pure thought and action putting an end to evil and negativity said the Chief Minister.

‘Selfish nature of the mankind is the biggest hurdle for him to enjoy peace in this world, to attain peace of mind and true happiness; one must cast away the selfish nature as the state of mind depends upon his act and reflection said Mr Chamling.

Referring to this point the Chief Minister said that the massive development which has taken place in the state today has not received positive response from the people of Sikkim till date. He urged the senior citizens and intellectuals to deliberate on anti social elements affecting the younger generation and become vigilant on the good and bad activities taking place in the society with their proper guidance. He further said that today the aim of the present government is to create a complete developed society in Sikkim through these missions like poverty free, better health, self-reliant and a society with positive outlook in all aspects.

Furthermore in this context he expressed his desolation in the ‘taken for granted attitude’ of the society, and urged the people to participate in the pro development activities of the state and themselves.

Talking about benefits provided to the people, he informed about various benefits for the senior citizens and added that the present government grants benefits to the people from birth till death at various stages for their betterment.

Talking about construction of the Shirdi Sai Temple here in Assangthang village, he reminisced that this village was unknown to the world outside however this temple has put this village in the social map through tourism said the Chief Minister.

He further added that this temple has brought about sustainable development for the locals here and asked the youth to avail all the opportunities brought at their doorstep. While at this he also informed the youth about the Chief Minister’s Self Reliant Scheme of One Lakh amount provided for the uneducated youth to help them carry out small business ventures.

Informing about different upcoming tourism development infrastructures, he shared his dream of making Sikkim as the number one state in tourism sector. He asked the youth to stay away from negative elements and destructive forces of the society and urged them to support the government in making a completely developed Sikkimese society.

He also asked the people to maintain communal harmony and brotherhood amongst all the communities without paying heed to the anti social elements whose sole motive is to create disharmony amongst them he added. Concluding his address, the Chief Minister said that the distribution of 2nd lot of houses under REDRH scheme would be announced soon and other similar benefits would be distributed in the upcoming Janata Mela.

The Chief Minister was felicitated by the public of Assangthang Sangbong GPU during the program for the developmental works carried by him in this area as listed by the felicitating committee which includes school up gradation, better water supply facility, construction of Shirdi Sai Temple eventually developing the tourism prospect and creating a spiritual ambiance in the area along with other developments.

Welcoming the gathering earlier, Thiru Prasad Nepal, member of the organizing committee informed that Sri Ram Katha Nava Gyan Maha Yagya (Sangithmay) program had started on 2nd September which he said was organized specially with the motive to encourage the local youth towards spiritual path and morality.

The Katha Vachan or the discourse was presented by Sri Shankar Basista and Sushri Manji Basista along with the bhajan troupe and other priests of the temple and attended by the Chief Minister with other dignitaries. Prior to the main program, the Chief Minister offered prayers at the Shivalinga and the main Shrine and offered floral garland to the Shirdi Sai statue.


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