Exclusive interview with Sikkimese singer : Kinchok Bhutia

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“Music with meaningful lyrics has been the best for me” – Kinchok Choden Bhutia

Tell us something about yourself.

I am Kinchok Choden Bhutia, 21 years old, born and brought up in Upper Samdong, Gangtok, East Sikkim. Well we are four members in the family. My Dad is a teacher and Mom a homemaker and my younger brother is studying in Class 12. At present I am pursuing my BSc in Bio-Technology from Bangalore University.

When and why did you choose singing/music?

Well I sing literally but I took interest in singing from past 5/6 months. Unfortunate thing is that I can’t manage time.

How do you manage yourself in in Bangalore?

Well Bangalore is a good place but sometimes it gets difficult to cope up with people out here. It’s disgusting when it comes about being humiliated and calling out ‘Chinkies’ by few people like as if we don’t have any identity even though being an Indian. But no matter… still I’m enjoying.

What is the name of your single?

“Nothing Lasts Forever”

What does ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ signifies?

Well!! Nothing on this earth is permanent right? Change!! It’s a law of nature. This song is all about betrayal. In this video the girl keeps on loving her BF and cares about him even knowing the fact that she is being betrayed… and finally girl she decides to leave him and his memos for forever… which means that those love of her for him will also end up one day.

How did you prepare for this single?

There are so many people who helped me in completing this song and also encouraging me…and because of their encouragement and support only I succeed preparing this song.

So do you plan to make a complete album?

Yup…looking forward but it may take time because it’s very difficult to manage time.

Describe your experience while shooting the music video?

Ummmm…… yup, I was halka nervous but more than that we had fun.

What lessons have you learnt from your debut single?

To manage all the things with plenty of time… no mistakes as such.

What were the challenges you faced during the preparation of this single?

Only the saddest part in making this song is that because of some problem the director who I assigned for my video could not manage to take shots and he introduced me with new director, Nandu Koirala and that too one night before our video shoot. That day I felt too pathetic over myself. The new director was too busy even though he managed his time for making my video and I’m thankful to him. We made this video without script and within a short period of time. So it was a bit tough and I’m satisfied with it. I thought to make video more understandable but due to lack to time we could not manage.

What motivates you to compose and sing?

Firstly, lyrics and few of my friends’ encouragement and all among these, my family supported me a lot. I’m blessed to have such family. Without their support I could not have done all these.

What are your hobbies?

Singing, watching movies, and yea… sleeping.

Your favourite Singer(s)/Band(s)/Composer(s)?

Celine Deon, Shreya Ghoshal, Charice Pempengco, Arijit Singh….

Which kind of music you listen to?

Pop, Jazz, Blues, Soul,etc. Music with meaningful lyrics has always been best for me!!

What are your plans for the future?

I wanna go further for MSc as well as singing too. What I believe is music is something through which you can express your unexpressed thoughts in a very sweeter way. Actually there was no such plan to make my own song and the weird thing is I don’t know any of the musical instruments to play but as soon as I get time I will learn that also. Thank you!

You can enjoy her song here:


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    • Abishek Gurung

      Don’t worry aie,,,wid ol d circumstances ebn u r successful wid ur song n m really proud of u n ur work,,,Mae god bless u n Mae god shower hi blessings on u n ur music career…..ol d luck for further ly

    • Priyam

      God bless u… Kinchok…want to see u one day performing concerts and Wanna be the first to buy to ticket…. :)

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