Sikkim is India’s Number One in Sanitation

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Gangtok, February 10, 2014

Sikkim has been ranked first state in the country in implementation of Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan according to latest report by ministry of drinking water and sanitation.

Sikkim, the least populous state, with 610,577 inhabitants in 2011 census    has the highest 100% sanitation coverage in the country setting an example for others to follow.

Sikkim  nestled in the Himalayas,  is only state in the country  among 35 states and union territories which  has achieved the highest   sanitation coverage  in  both rural  and  urban  areas  in households, schools, sanitary complexes  and Anganwadi centers .The state has also sensitize people to adopt a holistic approach   to  improve sanitation  and  hygiene  for  a  clean  environment  while  accelerating  overall  development  in  the  state.

The state has constructed total 98043 Individual household latrines against the target of 87014 IHHL Individual household latrines so far   up to Feb 2014 by achieving 112.67% target under the scheme.

The state constructed 61493 Individual household latrines (IHHL) for BPL families against the target of constructing 51302 IHHL by achieving 119.86 % target under the scheme. The state has constructed 36550 IHHL against the target of 35712 IHHL for APL families by achieving 102.35 % of the target.

Total 1772 school have been covered under total sanitation programme as against the target of covering   1604 schools under the programme   and achieved 110.47% of the target. Total 1105 sanitary complex were constructed as against the target of 789 sanitary complexes and thus achieving the 140.05% of the target. Total 516 Anganwadi Toilets were constructed in the state as against the target of 340 Anganwadi Toilets and achieved the 151.76% target during the same period.

The state has set the new benchmark for utilizations of funds under the scheme. The state received 3323.02 lakhs rupees funds under the scheme out of which it has utilized 3296.28 lakh rupees and achieving 99.20% utilization under the scheme till Feb 2014. The state received 1515.23 lakh rupees central share out of which 1492.90 lakh rupees (98.53%) amount has been utilized under the scheme by Feb 2014. Out of 1076.82 lakh state share  the amount of rupees  1072.41 lakh has been utilized achieving  (99.59 %) of the target .The state has utilized 730.97 lakh rupees  beneficiary share  achieving  hundred percent utilization under the  beneficiary share  component so far  till
Feb 2014.

The state chief minister Pawan Chamling launched community–led  total  sanitation campaign  in Sikkim in the year 1999 under Rural management & Development  Department  for achieving  full sanitation in 7,096 sqkm area of the state covering both rural and urban areas of  all four districts of  the state .

The state government fixed the year 2009 as the target year to achieve total sanitation coverage as against the Government of India target year of 2012. The total sanitation campaign was taken up on Mission Mode in the year 2008 to accelerate the pace of implementation. It was made mandatory for all Gram Sabhas conducted in the state to take up sanitation as a top priority on their agenda. In addition, the State Government also made it mandatory for the PRI members to construct toilets of their own in their households. So far a total of 163 panchayats of the state has been conferred monetary rewards ‘Nirmal Gram Puruskar’ by Government of India for developing sufficient sanitation facilities of adequate quality in their respective areas.

For successfully implementing the programme, 27 Gram Panchayat Units  of Sikkim were for the first time, awarded the prestigious ‘Nirmal Gram Puruskar’ , by the President of India in May 2007 for  achieving total sanitation standards in their respective villages.

The Nirmal Gram Puraskar for 2008 was received by 37 Gram Panchayat Units    of Sikkim from the President of India, during the Nirmal Gram Puraskar  award ceremony in Guwahati on 20th October 2008.

Subsequently, the remaining 99 Gram Panchayat Units  were awarded the Nirmal Gram Puraskar for in November, 2008, thereby achieving total sanitation of the entire state in terms of 100% coverage in rural Households, schools, aganwadis, institutional and community toilets, and making Sikkim the first ever Nirmal Rajya of the country.

The then  President Mrs Pratibha Patil  conferred Nirmal Rajya Award to Sikkim  Chief Minister Mr Pawan Chamling by presenting Gold Medal  in glittering function in Pune on  8th December 2008  for successful implementation of   demand–driven and people–centered sanitation programme  which  became a benchmark for others  to follow.

According to total evaluation study conducted by planning commission on total sanitation campaign in the year 2013, Sikkim was declared the best state in the country on the basis of best performing gram panchayats.

According to the survey conducted in 20 gram panchayats by planning commission 17 panchayats (85%) of Sikkim was declared as best performance panchayats which is highest in the country and Sikkim topped the list among all states of the country in net performance indicators.

In comparative terms Sikkim farewell as far as role of PRIs in maintenance of community toilets is concerned. In the state, busy public places like bus stations, worship places, market places etc. have the facility of CSCs, constructed under TSC which are functioning as “pay and use toilets”. Due to this arrangement, these toilets are being maintained properly, ensuring clean environment in the areas where they are located as well as higher revenue generated.


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