Bad road setbacks Nathula trade

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This time the number of traders participating in the border trade through Nathula has considerable decreased due to bad condition of Nathula road. The Indian traders have been facing problems and many traders did not participate in the trade at all this year. Due to land slide and bad condition of the road traders are not willing to travel everyday to take part in the trading activities.

PI Sherethang Mr Choley Tshering Bhutia informed that GREF team is engaged for the construction of road continuously but due to the rainy season sometimes land slide disturbs the worn and blocks the road but they have ready rescue team. He further informed that they have not allowed the traders to go to Nathula in the afternoon because of the bad condition of roads as well as its susceptibility to slides and blockades.

One of the traders while sharing his difficulty said that though he wants to participate in Trade but due to bad condition of the road it is impossible to travel to and fro daily through the road. He also expressed his concern that the Nathula trade will not be successful until and unless the road is completed properly.

He further informed that India government has yet not increased the list of tradable items and they have been selling the same items since day one. He appealed to the Central Government to increase the list of items.

Traders from Sikkim had earlier returned empty handed from Nathula trade due to tax imposed by China on trading. However, they re-participate in the trade from 16th May 2011.

Courtesy: Sikkim Mail



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