ASSWO request the VC, SU to talk less and work more for the welfare of Sikkimese students

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All Sikkim Students Welfare Organization (ASSWO) has requested Sikkim University to work for the welfare of students of Sikkim.

The organization in a press release states that for the last 15-20 days a lot of debate and discussion regarding Sikkim University is happening in the state and the organization has placed some of their opinion too in regards to SU issue.

The organization mentions that it is unfortunate that after the establishment of SU, instead of becoming a cauldron of knowledge the University has become a cauldron of contention and added that after the demand from the people of Sikkim for a university to the government of India the center considered the appeal and granted Sikkim with a Central University for the people of this state but it is very unfortunate that instead of working for the welfare of Sikkim the university has thrown up a host of unnecessary issues.

The Vice Chancellor of SU, Prof. Mahendra P Lama must have understood the requirements of the state and its students and the type of subjects the students requires but he did not; which is really unfortunate states the release. Adding more the organization mentions that we even want SU to be like Oxford University but then the same should happen by taking proper step in the right direction with strong footing. Adding more the organization informs that Prof. Lama has not opened courses with respect to the requirement of the state in MA, M. Sc and M. Com and the reason is unknown and adds that the students passing out from the colleges of state are unable to continue their courses for Master Degree at SU due to the unavailability of these courses.

Sikkim is a state for tourism as it is the one of the largest revenue earning sector but SU has not started master degree courses in tourism states the organization. Furthermore the release informs that at one end there is lack of courses which are there in the colleges but not available at the university level and on the other hand the unavailability of mark sheets does not allow the students to goout side the state for higher studies. SU publishes its results in a record time of 20 days but mark sheets are unavailable for students even after 20 days of the publication of results. The act clearly means that SU is more interested in making news than performing its basic duties along with responsibility. Furthermore the organization requests the Human Resource Development Department (HRDD) to provide the list of such students who have not been able to get admission to different universities across the nation in Master Degree level due to delay in providing mark sheets by the university. Adding more the organization states that there are specific cases in science stream where the students of Sikkim could not get admission to other universities due to the unique course structure of SU.

Informing more the organization mentions that Tadong Government College is 34yrs old and for the past 31yrs the college was under permanent affiliation but however the organization has come to learn recently that all the colleges of Sikkim state including the oldest college , Tadong has been granted only temporary affiliation by VC Prof. Lama.

Due to all this the colleges in state may be denied with many facilities awarded by UGC, so the organization requests VC to provide permanent affiliation to all the colleges set up in the state soon and taking in view the poor students of Sikkim to even provide affiliation to Geyzing College.

Like wise the organization states that there are many unfilled seats of Master degree courses in SU but many sikkimese students have been denied with admission in master degree so the organization even appeals the VC to draw his kind attention even towards the raised issue.

Adding more the organization requests the VC Prof. Lama to talk less and work more for the welfare of Sikkim state and the students and furthermore the organization requests all quarters to stop voicing irresponsible comments with regards to students and education as a whole.

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  • Sikkim_Student

    Why not ASSWO request the state government to talk less and work more in tandem with Sikkim University. How come ASSWO does not question the several obstacles put in front of Sikkim University deliberately by the state government to slow its progress. Everybody wants a fully functional Sikkim University to offer a gazillion courses…without realizing the fact that post-graduate classes are being held in rented buildings. This is such a waste of the university money. If SU had gotten land by now there would be permanent investment in Sikkim for education. But we just hear the HCM announcing that by 2015 literacy in Sikkim will be 100%. How come ASSWO does not question HCM’s empty announcements?

    Also if Sikkim Government College was so efficient and best in Sikkim, then how come HCM’s children are studying abroad? How many children of the members of the ruling party i.e. SDF even reside/study in Sikkim? Also it is not the VC that gives or does not give temporary/permanent affiliations. There are a set of rules laid down by the UGC and if colleges do not comply then they do not get affiliation. its that simple.

    Instead of questioning the motives of the VC of Sikkim University, ASSWO should question the motives behind the personal attack that SDF has launched against the VC of Sikkim University.

    And even if marksheets are not received by the students within 20 days of announcement of results, they can still get provisional certificates from the university and they can submit the same to any post-graduate institution that they wish to join. There is no need to make hue and cry over this little matter.

    The unique course structure at Sikkim University is its USP. Even Delhi University and JNU follow the semester system. I wonder which institution and a problem with this as even foreign universities recognise the semester system as the most effective form of organising an academic year.

    Also if the state government has so many issues how come it does not approach the central government. Oh wait….that’s because they have nothing in hand to show to the centre and at the central government nobody listens to half-baked truths !!!

  • Binod Chettri

    I’m pleased by your comments and want you 2 continue to backup VC. But Sikkimeses were disappointed by him, P Lama, whom I identified earlier, I saw him for what he was years ago in Delhi, “committed Pimp” ….its not a pastry you fuck face Fritzy” Other words are numerous, but this may be the best for you… “nauseating”

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