Awareness program on ginger farming

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A day long technology awareness training on post harvest management and processing of ginger was held at Hee Gyathang, Lower Dzongu in North Sikkim, today. The daylong training was sponsored by National Horticulture Board and was conducted by SIMFED in association with SIBIN Group and the resource persons from ICAR.

An awareness session was held in the first session of the training which was chaired by Panchayat Vice President of the Hee Gyathang GPU, Mr. Karma Lepcha and Mr. Tshering Gyatso Lepcha, Panchayat Secretary, Lum, Gor, Sangtok GPU as special guest.

The awareness programme was address by Panchayat Secretary, Hee Gyathang GPU, Mr. Samroo Ugen Lepcha followed by Mr. Tshering Gyatso Lepcha who encouraged the every beneficiaries to involve in organic farming and make it as a good source of income which is the vision of the state government and central government as well.

Chief Guest Mr. Lepcha in his address said, that the villagers must have the knowledge of cultivation of crops technically which helps them to save from more expenses in cultivation and time as well. He also urged everyone to impart the knowledge that they gain from the training with the other people in the village.

Around 50 participants, from three GPUs of Lower Dzongu, both men and women attended the daylong training. The training started with the brief introduction of the programme presented by Mr. Pema Tamang, District Coordinator who delivered the tips on ginger cultivation and its marketing.

Dr. Ashok Kumar, Scientist ICAR Tadong, who was one of the resource person of the day, delivered the lecture on ginger cultivation and highlighted the technical method of cultivation who explained about the crop rotation, which is required for the cultivation of ginger, seeds selection and cultural practices. He also informed about the Trichoderma powder which is the organic medicine for the ginger and the usage of Bouveria Bosiana medicine for the preservation of ginger seeds.

Dr. Mohammad Hasib, Sr. Manager, SIBIN Group Gangtok, highlighted about the schemes and role of National Horticulture Board. Dr. Hasib informed about the marketing of the products and horticulture related programmes. Dr. Hasib also urged every farmer to involve in large scale cultivation for which the department has already taken proper step for the marketing. Furthermore Dr. Hasib even encouraged the farmers for the cultivation of mushroom, medicinal plants, bee keeping and vermicompost during the program.

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  • Lok Goel

    Dear Sir,
    I am a 63 years male from the state of Punjab India have worked in Bhutan and in India in various Ginger growing areas.
    I have gone through the work you have done in regards the Ginger Rhizome Rot..
    Ginger Rhizome Rot is a serious problem of Ginger crop all over the world where Ginger is grown and the Agricultural Scientists all over the world take it as disease and try to control it with the use of Fungicides.By my experience I can say that this is the mineral elements deficiency in the soil.Some physical condition like standing rain water in the fields is a different calamity but this Rhizome Rot can be treated by the soil treatment with various mineral nutrients in different ratio as the crop loss can be prevented.
    I can take a Pilot project any where and show you the results. I have the practical experience, knowledge and wisdom to control the Ginger Rhizome Rot by amending the soil with mineral contents.

    We can start a joint venture and I can work as your assistant in this field and give the results within one cropping year.The mineral contents must be applied in the soil and mixed in it at-least 15 days advance of Ginger Sowing.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Mr Goel sir,
    I too aspirant to grow ginger in Mansa district of punjab and wish your help and hope response form you on

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