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Sikkim being one of the famous musical hubs of the country is also a proud presenter of many musical festivals and concerts.

Let it be any genre of music the public here just seem to mingle with it. All they know is music is something to be listened and enjoyed. Every year there are music fests and concerts and there are numerous shows put up by local artists every alternate day. It seems like whole of the state is swaying with music. Therefore to make the music scene more exciting this year for the first time in the history of music in Sikkim, “Sikkim Music Fest- 2010” is going to be held on 21st November 2010, where every genre of artists from various parts of the world will be performing in the same spotlight.

“Arsames” a five man band from the northeastern city of Mashhad, Iran is all set to make the crowds head bang. While speaking with the band it could be figured out that they are pretty much excited to perform in front of Gangtokians as they can see the anxiety of music lovers to watch them live. Having performed in various international fests like Uni Rock Festival in Turkey, Metal Camp in Slovania and Metal Asylum in Dubai this is their first time in the state and also in India.

Formed in the year 2002, “Arsames” specially performs Ancient Death Metal. “Through our music we want to let the people know about the ancient times. Our lyrics basically say about the ancient culture. We try to portray what used to happen 2500 years ago in the ancient empires”, explains Ali Madarshahi, the lead vocalist, who is also the main founder of the band. Happy with their stay and response from the public in the state they hope of performing in other parts of the country and make the whole of India’s head bang to their music in the near future. Already with two self releases the band recently released their first full- length album named “Cyclopia” on 8th November 2010. They will also perform at the Holy Noise Festival in Dubai this December.

This five man band consists of Ali Madarshahi the vocalist, Morteza Shahrami and Ahmed Tokal on guitars, Rouzbehzorchang on bass and Saeed Shariat on drums.



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