Bhandari is anti-national: Bhim Dahal

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SDF party condemns corruption charges against the CM

NB Bhandari, President of Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee (SPCC) is anti national, were the words addressed by the SDF spokesperson, Mr. Bhim Dahal in a conference today conducted at SDF party head office, at Indira Bye-pass. Mr. Dahal informing the press said that Bhandari had promised long time back to return Sikkim back from the Indian union which was also an anti National speech delivered but today he is alleging the Chief Minister of Sikkim to be anti-national.

Mr. Bhandari has many incidents to his credit which proves his anti National feelings and the threat to the National security one such incident being that during his tenure as CM he had proclaimed publicly that if Government of India does not provide rice to Sikkim then the same would be brought from China. Mr. Dahal informing further said that Bhandari in the past had even promised to return Sikkim from the Indian union which he could not act upon, but today the same person whose speeches were anti-national is alleging CM Pawan Chamling of being anti-national, he added that from all these what can be seen is political motivated steps.

Mr. Dahal further claimed that Pawan Chamling is the longest serving CM across the nation today and the party (SDF) maintains total transparency in its functions but the party will not at all accept any sort of tribulation against its President.

Adding further Mr. Dahal urged the people to differentiate between post and pre 1994 in regards to the state’s scenario, and even quoted that the speeches of Mr. Bhandari is no longer effective as his speeches are not favorable either to citizens or state. Similarly Mr. PD Rai, MP, Lok Sabha cum spokesperson SDF has strongly condemned the charges that Mr. Bhandari has mentioned of CM being threatening the very security of the nation, and added that the party has been communicating to concerned Union Ministers from time to time.

Adding further said that there are various problems in regards to law and order in Border States across the nation but quoted that Sikkim being a border state has been able to maintain its position in the same.
Mr. Rai added that Mr. Bhandari has submitted a memorandum to the UPA Chairperson Mrs. Sonia Gandhi on 31st of December, 2010, requesting to expedite necessary appropriate action to direct Central Bureau of Investigation to lunch investigation upon the Chief minister Pawan Chamling for corruption . But adding further said that we are also the part of the UPA Government and informed that we can also approach the Chairperson being the part of the same Government in the centre.

Mr. Rai similarly added that Mr. Bhandari is playing with the innocent sentiment of the Sikkimese people, even Mr. Bhandari held the Chief Minister’s post with seer people mandate but he could not retain the same and he needs to accept it.

Courtesy: Sikkim Mail



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