Delay in completion of Nepali (Gorkha) Dharamshala

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The Concerned people of Singtam Bazaar has expressed their grievances for the incomplition of one and only Nepali (Gorkha) Dharamshala which had been started a some years ago.

Although Nepali is one of the majority community of the state but it is a shame for the community that the only said Daharmashala is yet to be completed. For this the concerned citizens of Singtam’s Nepali community has come up to put the matter to the Govt. It is also learnt that G M Rai as a president of the committee is also one of the obstacles for its pending work due to political reason. Keeping this in mind the people of Singtam belonging to the community feel that all the political issues should kept aside for the completion of the pending construction and people should come forward for the contribution

Courtesy: Sikkim Mail



    • kamal

      our people being the majority community cant find its prominenece in the form of arts , culture and
      literature, its a total state of apathy.

    • arun

      delay in the making of gorkha dharamsala means its a crying shame for our majority in sikkim in all front, hunderds of gumbas and temples can come up in mnths time but this dharamsalas cud nt find its way out…has the chief minister of sikkim forgot his own identity or has he converted himself to BAKKU CLAD? sucha shame!!!

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