Examination paper disclosed, HRDD yet to clarify

The state Government is leaving no stones unturned to provide quality education in Sikkim and also spending the highest budget (20%) in the education sector compared to its other counterparts in the country.
However it puts a big question mark on the sincerity of the implementing department which is the Human Resource and Development Department when it makes the “breaking news” for leakage of board exam question papers.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Class IX examination which has already started and on the verge of completion will have to be ‘stopped’ in Sikkim as the question paper for Social Studies, 087/IX/SA2/03/A1 Series has been already circulated in the market before its due date.

The board exam question papers bearing the series indicated above have been found circulating in the market; however the Department has not been able till now to fix the responsibility for such a big blunder on anyone.

A senior teacher from a Government Senior Secondary School on condition of anonymity has said that this must be the work of somebody from inside the department. The board exam question papers come in sealed cover and only the authorized persons can open the packet before they are sent to various schools. It has been assumed that may be the person responsible got the question paper from the table of the officer authorized by the department and Xeroxed it. While checking the question paper it is also seen that some of the questions are missing (Sl. No. 5 to 9 and Sl. No. 22 to 31) which indicates that the person must be in a hurry to copy the question paper or maybe it was circulated from the place where the CD of the question paper was downloaded.

Director, HRDD, Mr C S Rao confirmed the news and he also informed that a Committee has already been formed to enquire on the matter as he said that the miscreant has not been identified till now. However he has assured to take strong action against the person or a group found guilty of the blunder that has made the entire state shameful. If the wrongdoer is from the Department itself, the Director further added that the person may be terminated for his irresponsible act.

The date of exam has been postponed till further notice. The Department will hold a press conference to further clarify the matter.

Courtesy: Sikkim Mail



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