Government officers don’t know RTI- Chettri

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Gangtok: Jan. 9, 2011
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Sikkim Unit in a meet conducted here in the capital Gangtok said that there are some Government officers who do not understand the meaning of Right to Information Act. BJP President Padam Chettri also added that RTI is our fundamental right and the citizens should not be deprived of the information and the reply must be accurate.

Mr.Chettri informed that on November 19, 2010 he filed an RTI to Food Security, Agriculture, Cash Crop, Horticulture and SIMFED seeking information on supply and distribution of urea and seeds across the state but the department has not provided proper information as mentioned in the RTI application. Mr. Chettri said that instead of urea the concerned departments are distributing bio-fertilizers which he claims to be expensive as the cost of urea is just Rs.6/- pre/kg where as the cost of Bio-fertilizer is Rs.240/-. He said that this fertilizer cannot be used for orange, ginger and cardamom farming. “We are not against organic state concept initiated by the ruling Government, but will the conversion to organic state self sufficient for Sikkim and its farmers?”, questioned Chhetri.

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  • concerned

    I agree with you RTI is our fundamental right ‘but in sikkim RTI mean DHUNA GAI for ye guys.

    na zoote bannuhos ta premu, nk ani tapai ley katipalta dhuesh.. bechara thakay pani hola ne lagataar dhunale.. aba dudh na niskinda Gai ko mauley laat hanayO bandai herayko?

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