Justice from Patra Commission to be a setback: Bhandari

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SPCC submits memorandum to the Governor with regard to Lokayukta Bill and Justice RK Patra Commission

Gangtok, January 16:

Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee (SPCC) has expressed its discontent on the recently passed Lokayukta Bill and the formation of Justice RK Parta Commission. It has been stated that SPCC has no faith in the former Sikkim High Court Judge RK Patra, SPCC president Nar Bahadur Bhandari termed the whole move of the state government as an infertile effort.

Speaking to media persons here in SPCC head office on 15th January, Bhandari said that the announcement of Patra Commission has offended the constitutional approach, proving the fact that the latest Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) movement against Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling and other ministers’ disproportionate assets case is under the process of Supreme Court verdict that came on 2010 in SPCC filed case.

“Supreme Court in its verdict upon Chamling and other party member’s disproportionate case directed SPCC to approach probe agency for further investigation on our labeled allegations. Like wise our party filed FIR against Chamling and 12 others to CBI which picked its momentum after the probe agency found a prima-facie case in the preliminary investigation”, Bhandari asserted.

Bhandari alleged that the same commission has favored the SDF Government in 2004 EVM case investigation which in turn submerged the whole matter. Patra Commission has worked on numerous cases but the outcome in all of the investigated cases are nil or directed one.

“Patra is the head of a dozen commissions. He is under direct influence of Chamling and hoping a fair investigation from his part in Chamling disproportionate case would be a major setback”, Bhandari alleged. Mr. Bhandari suggested that any commission on the affect of aforesaid bill should comprise of retired judge of Supreme Court and not of the Sikkim High Court.

“Governor is the head of the state and he should act upon the rising constitutional crisis in Sikkim state”, stated Mr. Bhandari. SPCC has submitted a memorandum to the Governor of Sikkim, Balmiki Prasad Singh on Friday stressing the points to be looked upon before recommending the Lokayukta Bill and the constituting Patra Commission.
The memorandum has raised questions on the ground of necessity of the Lokayukta Bill at the time when CBI is knocking on the Chamling’s door. It has also sought clarifications on the functioning of the commissions that would be set up on the basis of mentioned bill and of the announced RK Parta commission.

“What is the necessity of Lokayukta Bill when we have the central government investigation agency CBI? The bill is an extra burden upon the Sikkimese people at the time when Sikkim is facing acute financial crisis”, Bhandari concluded.

(Courtesy: Sikkim Mail)



  • tashi

    i am not a big fan of bhandari , but looking at sdf and chamling’s work i have developed a liking for bhandari,
    this comission that calls itself free and fair will be a tool to be used my chamling

    CBI should do the detail investigation, common man knows though that corruption is rampant

  • confusion

    Ohhoo Tashi ju tapai ko bechaar Bhandariko bechaar kati melayko ne Nang ra masu jasta. Bhandari ko gari garai ani Chamling ko gari garai ko kura ma ho bani yo chor bandari lai nathu** paar garnu parnay ho.

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