More people from north join SDF

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The Panchayats and public of Lingdong-Barfok GPU organised Picnic cum meeting at Lower Lingdong, Dzongu today.

The meeting attended by the Area MLA, SG Lepcha as Chief Guest and was coordinated by Ex-Chairman, Pintso Lepcha, where Chelli Morcha Convenor, Anguli Lepcha, Panchayat Lingdong, Norgay Lepcha, Panchayat Barfok, Lobzang Lepcha and public were also present.

On the occasion, the Panchayat, Norgay Lepcha and his group of public of Lingdong joined SDF party in the presence of all public of Lingdong-Barfok GPU and they assured to support SDF party and Government and said that the public demands should be fulfilled.

The Chief Guest in his address welcomed everyone to the SDF party and said that, he will work for the development of the area and the people. All should cooperate each other and make Dzongu constituency an organic constituency for its development he added. On the day, the ten people from Barfok also joined SDF party under the leadership of Panchayat, Lobzang Lepcha.

Courtesy: Sikkim Mail



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