On Rabgay Chosang’s Custody and Karmapa Trust’s Land deal

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Press Release by Karmapa Office of Administration

February 5, 2011

The Karmapa Office of Administration announces that the state government’s application to retain Rabgay Choesang in police custody was rejected, and Office staff member Rabgay Choesang aka Shakti Lama has now been transferred into judicial custody. We are aware that a thorough investigation is needed to arrive at the truth. We remain confident that the Indian justice system will arrive at that truth and dispel all the wild speculations that are now circulating. We will continue to cooperate fully with the investigation, and we look forward to having our monk home soon.

The Karmapa Office of Administration would also like to take this opportunity to underscore that the ongoing purchase of land by the Karmae Garchen Trust is and has been in full compliance with Indian law. It is in no way a benami land transaction. The land was being purchased by the Karmae Garchen Trust in its own name, in a transaction that had been duly disclosed to the Kangra District Collector’s office. The DC’s office issued a no-objection certificate as well as an essentiality certificate. As such, the Trust had been granted all preliminary approvals required in order to proceed to the next step in acquiring the land.

Not only had this effort to purchase land to build a residence and monastery for His Holiness the Karmapa been reported to and approved by the appropriate government authorities; we further discussed such plans openly with the press, as reported in the Hindustan Times in October, 2010 and the Tribune as early as March, 2006.

Spokespersons for the Karmapa Office of Administration
Karma Topden,
Former Indian Ambassador and Former MP
Adviser to Karmapa Office of Administration



  • vickey palzor lepcha

    If I am not mistaken, KARMAPA CHARITABLE TRUST that consists of followers of the Late 16th Karmapa , who also take care of the properties of Karma Kagyu School, do not endorse the views that H.H. URGYEN THINLEY is the genuine reincarnate

  • iSikkim

    Yes Vickey you are right….In fact the trustees of Karmapa Charitable trust are very close to Shamar Rinpoche.


  • Tsondru Meri

    I believe that although the Karmapa Charitable Trust may “consist of followers of the 16th Karmapa,” its opinions are not, as may be implied, the only position held by followers of the 16th Karmapa. There are many followers of the 16th Karmapa who are quite devoted to Ugyen Thinley as the 17th.

  • vickey palzor lepcha

    @TSONDRU …and your say regarding the authenticity of the so called ” Predictio Letter “

  • ugen

    To those people who don’t believe in Karmapa are free to do so but before making any bad remark you should know the truth…..HH The DALAI LAMA will never ever mistake to choose the right Karmapa as he is known as living Buddha of our time.

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