Onion hits Alu Chiwra

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The hike in the price of onion has affected the life of the common man in more dramatic ways than imagined. One such burning example is the humble snack of a common Gangtokian – Alu Chiwra.

For most of the daily laborers and even the teenagers and people looking for a quick snack Alu Chiwra has been a cheap and best option but because of the recent hike in the price of onions this snack has also temporarily lost its original flavour. Usually served garnished with chopped onions and green chili, now because of un- affordability the vendors have started to garnish this most relished snack with radish. The vendors felt a sigh of relief for having invented a new garnishing, but it was short lived as many customers are not liking this new version of their favorite snack.

Rameshwar Prasad, Alu Chiwra seller of Lall Bazaar said that due to hike of onion price they have started to use radish as they cannot buy onion. Onion is selling for Rs. 65/ per Kg in the market and there is no way in which they can put such an expensive ingredient in their humble recipe. Many people have returned from the shop because they don’t like radish.

The number of customers has also decreased significantly as said worried Prasad. However Gouri Prasad, vegetable seller expressed hopes that the prices may stabilize within the next week. As informed by her unseasonal rains have hit onion farmers hard. Nearly 70 per cent of the crop has been destroyed in Lasalgaon in Maharashtra’s Nasik district. She further mentioned that customers are also facing problems but they are not able to sell it in minimum price because they also cannot incur loss.

Similarly Mrs Radha Sharma, a homemaker, resident of Tadong Daragaon said that they are unable to buy onion due to hike of the price adding that State Government should look in to the matter and control the price other wise layman will face problem.

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