Public Information Campaign on Bharat Nirman started at Sumbuk

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Three day Public Information Campaign on Bharat Nirman was inaugurated today by Area MLA and Chairperson, Public Accounts Committee Smt. Tulsi Devi Rai at Block Administrative Centre, Sumbuk.

In her inaugural address, she urged the members of Panchayati Raj Institution to gain wider knowledge on the flagship programs. The members of Panchayati Raj institution being the first direct contact with the beneficiaries of the programs being implemented should be adequately informed and enlightened Smt. Rai stressed. Sikkim has been with sincerity and transparency implementing the flagship programs and the awards and recognition being showered on its testimonials, she said.

Similarly, Chief Administrator of State Institute for Capacity Building (SICD) Shri Shankar Dev Dhakal urged the members of the panchayati raj institutions to send the dropouts and the non literates from their respective wards and areas to the livelihood schools opened in their respective constituencies. Sikkim is the first State in the country to start such livelihood schools for enhancement and refinement of inherent skill to make them capable of being self reliant, he added.

Narrating the chronology of skill development program in Sikkim, he said, Sikkim Govt. had in the year 2002 started first such program in the whole country which was aimed at providing skill development to the post matriculates. But viewing the necessity of providing such skill development to the under matriculates, capacity building directorate was established in 2007 and with a view to provide such skill development trainings to even the marginalised and the non literates, a full fledged institute of capacity building has been established with its own board to design courses that suits the demand of the market driven sectors, Shri Dhakal informed.

Earlier, Block Development Officer Shri Harka Giri in his speech urged the members of the Panchayati Raj Institute to use MGNREGA as means to develop infrastructures that are based on the need of the mass and is sustainable. If such easy means cannot be utilised to its potential, then nothing magical can happen or can be expected, he rued. He also urged to involve all the community members while deciding on the projects to be undertaken through MGNREGA in Gram Sabhas. Panchayat Secretary Shri DB Pradhan assured full attendance of the panchayat members during the whole PIC period.

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