Public meet in support of Karmapa held in Sikkim

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A public meeting by Joint action Committee (JAC), Karmapa Reception Committee (KRC), and all Sikkim Buddhist Organisation was held today at Guards ground.

The meeting witnessed mass gathering holding Indian and Buddhist religious flags to show their solidarity for India and His Holiness Karmapa.

The gathering was addressed by JAC president, Kunzang Sherab, Sikkim Buddhist Duechen Association President, Passang Namgyal, Chung Chung, President, Tibetan Youth Club, All Sikkim Tamang Buddhist Association president, Kumar Yonzon, spokesperson for JAC Thukchuk Lachungpa, Gay Tshering and NT Bhutia, member KRC.


Public meeting held at Guards ground

All eminent speakers condemn the baseless media allegations leveled on 17th Karmapa. They also urged the government of India to do a thorough but unbiased and transparent investigation into the matter.


People were holding Buddhist religious flag in one hand and Tricolor in another

All speakers presented the logical facts of the charges on which media is claiming that Karmapa is a Chinese spy.

KRC president Kunzang Sherab asserted that the money that investigative agencies received was of donation made by the followers of Karmapa all around the globe. Chung Chung reiterated that words like “Dhan” guru and “Dhan” sala by the media are unwarranted and unacceptable. Kumar Yonzon resonated that “we are not against the investigations but 17th Karmapa is a religious head and so should be treated accordingly”.


Bird's view of a Public meet

In a thunderous address NT Bhutia asked the Government of India to withdraw the forces from Rumtek and added that Karmapa should be allowed to come back to Rumtek monastery, the seat of Karmapa.


Buddha's Not Smiling was set on fire

Gay Tshering cleared the air on why foreign currency was found from the transit home of karmapa. “Under the Foreign contribution regulation act, foreign currency should be deposited in a bank by a registered body or by a trust. Karmapa administration has already placed a request for the registration of the a but is still pending for the approval”.

The meeting also witnesses the condemning of a book “Buddha’s not smiling” by Erik D Curren. The copies of it were set on fire.

Nine points resolution was passed in the meeting with the consent.

Following are the resolutions:

1. We would like to place on record our sincere thanks to the Government of India for giving shelter to His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, Ugyen Trinley Dorjee, after he escaped from Tibet.

2. The State government has so far been extending full support whenever necessary. We would like to place on record our sincere thanks to the chief minister and the state government.

3. It was resolved to strongly condemn the malicious and unsubstantial allegations levelled by some of the media on our revered Guru, the 17 th Karmapa. The media needs to behave more responsibly.

4. It was resolved to condemn baseless allegations being leveled by some individuals with vested interests, thus harming the very Dharma, which they claim to be followers of.

5. It is resolved to request the government of India to conduct a fair, thorough and transparent investigation into the whole matter at the earliest. We have full faith in the justice system of the country.

6. It was resolved to place on record our thanks and appreciation for the support and confidence shown by the Dalai Lama on the Karmapa.

7. It was resolved to place on record our thanks and appreciation for the support and solidarity shown by the followers of the Karmapa and all Buddhists in general and even the people of other faiths to the Karmapa in these trying times.

8. It was resolved that some time in the near future we may have to undertake a long march to Delhi if need be.

9. It was resolved to condemn the book ‘Buddha’s Not Smiling’ by Erik D Curren.

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