SDF condemns statement of Sikkim Subject Bachao Samiti

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Sikkim Democratic Front has condemned the statement of “Sikkim Subject Bachao Samiti” on the Residential Certificate (RC) issue that was published in many newspapers today states a Press Release.

The release has been issued by the Publicity Secretary of the party today. The release states that it is an old policy of these people who pressurize the Government on one issue and when the Government takes stand on the same issue they again oppose it, labeling it as anti social and against the general interest of the people.
The release also states that this kind of act proves that these people are irresponsible and calls such activity as shameful. Further it mentions that Residential Certificate will help in checking influx as the cut- off year for the eligibility to get a RC has been kept as 1975.

This was a decision taken by the Government to help the old settlers of Sikkim live with dignity in Sikkim. It also mentions the similar misleading stand taken by the same people in the year 1997 and says that they were proven wrong that time and this time also they have come up with a baseless agenda just to malign the ruling Government’s image.

The release has also stated that the same people who have come up with this Samiti overnight have been indulging in similar kind of politics many times in the garb of Religious, Social and sometimes as an Environmental Organization. They are trying to mislead the people with their multi faced politics, state the release and also states that the people of Sikkim will not be misled by such people now. It concludes by stating that SDF Government has always worked for the people of Sikkim and hence it condemns the wrong statement given by such overnight organizations like the Sikkim Subject Bachao Samiti.

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  • Jai Hind

    Original sikkimese are all indians by virtue of Sikkim Citizenship Act 1975 from 26/4/1975.
    73431+1290= 74721 persons were granted indian citizenship in 1991 & 1994 respectively by MHA, GOI, whose backgrounds from where are only known to MHA, .
    Crux of the matter is old settlers who are only in 400 families prior to 26/04/1975, and their social,political and economics right by virtue of being indians in their own country.
    This two recent notifications are not specific and clearcut in answer to the demand of Old settlers of Indian origin. Infact it is opening door to our neighbouring foreign friends and others also which could be sensetive in boarder state like sikkim.
    GOI will not solve such problem sitting there in Delhi, should visit Sikkim independently not as a guest of state govt. and interact with all critics, NGOs , social organisation etc
    Good Luck, save sikkim to save India.

  • Anand agarwal

    I agree with jai hind that the 400 families which has been settled in Sikkim should be looked into and care should be taken that people of foreign origin ( Nepal) do not get residential permit in Sikkim.

    I have seen in 1983 Sikkim education quota in medical and engineering been given to such foreign nationals resulting in a major court case in the high court of Sikkim with the then government of Sikkim. Then I had to start a student movement and strike.

    The political parties need to seriously look into this issue and important aspect is integration and mutual respect to be gained. The Indian people settled in Sikkim since generations are more Sikkimese than many who claim to be. The understand and practice local culture, can speak Sikkimese and Nepali fluently. The are integral part of the economy and the society. Most of them have been to school and educated together with the local people.

    This problem should be sorted out at it’s root before it becomes a major problem in the future. This will save Sikkim and the Sikkimese cause.

    Best wishes

    Prof.Anand Agarwal

  • balay sarki

    old people of sikkim must be get their right through (RC)recidental certificate

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