SSBC meet with other pol. parties on RC issue

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Gangtok: Jan. 9, 2011
The unified front of all major political parties of Sikkim excluding ruling Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) made a larger cry under the banner of Sikkim Subject Bachaao Committee (SSBC) at the Jorethang Bazaar today on Government policy of introducing Residential Certificates (RC) in Sikkim.

SSBC has kicked off its much awaited campaign, the first of its kind in the state engaging major political parties under it aiming to defend the much sacred Sikkim Subject Certificates (SSC).

Addressing the gathering, President of Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee (SPCC), Nar Bahadur Bhandari said that the ruling Government’s approach of introducing RC has no benefit or value for the locals unlike the non Sikkimese. Mr. Bhandari said that the SDF led Government has its jurisdiction till the boundaries of Sikkim state and that the cases of citizenships are resolved by Centre and not the State Government.

“State Government’s motive behind introducing RC will have a setback for the guided special provisions of SSC. Indian constitution is being violated in the State and the central authorities have keen eyes on the atrocities of Chamling,” Bhandari added.
He said that the policy of State Government has lead the youth of the state towards drugs and gambling while the youth power is getting wasted due to employment crisis.
“Here the countdown of SDF government begins. Sooner or later, the hitch of Sikkim is to fall”, Mr. Bhandari declared.

CC Sangdarpa who was also present during the meeting said that the cry of SSBC is the need of the hour. Terming that Chamling has split personality over RC issue, she said that State Government misinterpretation over RC has lead the state people into deep dilemma regarding RC. “We are not against RC but it should not collide the provisions of SSC. State Government should come forward to clear these points”, Ms. Sangdarpa informed. Padam Sharma briefed that the acute identity crisis at Sikkim state has hindered the developmental work of the state with the State Government and general public concentrated in it all year round.

“Old business man class should enjoy Sikkimese facilities but the State government has failed in underlining the criteria for defining such class. On the other hand, the present declaration of RC will widen the floodgates of enormous influx in the state”, he added.

Communist Party of India (Marxist) state committee member Punya Prasad Koirala said that the present front of anti RC is not against the State Government but against the policy that is sensed to damage the SSC provisions at large in the near future.

Biraj Adhikari, President, Sikkim National Peoples Party (SNPP) said that Sikkim has witnessed immense influx in recent years which will further lead in dilution of 371F if changing figure of pure Sikkimese population is not checked. “It’s the general public who should ignite the issue and not the leaders”, Adhikari asserted.

President All Sikkim Educated Self Employed and Unemployed Association (ASESEUA) Navin Kiran Pradhan highlighted the significance of SSBC and its agendas. He said that RC can lead the foreign influx to be a part of Sikkim and being a Sikkimese we will not let it happen. Mr. Pradhan said that the SSBC will conduct a series of mass awareness program in respect to SSC protection agenda in all four districts of the state and it was also informed that in a few days a similar meeting will be held at Singtam.

Former MP Mr. Pahalman Subba along with Dr. AD Subba, President SHRP and Mr. Tara Shrestha were also present in the meeting.

(Courtesy: Sikkim Mail)



  • Mr.L

    Doom-laden politic forecasts… countdown shru bako ta 15- 16 barsa bo khoi?? Chamling govt ta jas to ko tyastoi??? Ha..ha ha..ha

  • Tiger

    What a stupid dope he is ..One hand he claims that the ruling Government’s approach of introducing RC has no benefit or value for the local or non local. ?? If RC is valueless thn y fueling fire and crying loud?? on the other hand he constantly potshots at the state and centre govt regarding RC issue. Ths proves totally political posturing. .It was an attempt to wrong foot the govt….. nothing more

  • Sangay

    who the hell is CC Sangdarpa? wanting clarification from government?
    in this age of clutter no one can pay attention to the baseless issue, so don’t waste your time on triviality. puchaar gumayko.

  • Monika

    I think this is not a problem of only ruling government or oppostion parties, this is an issue of whole sikkimese, so why don’t all the parties come together for a talk and try to solve the problem instead of campaining or giving boring speech and all.
    Mr. Bhandari is trying hard to kick off Mr. Chamling but the Sikkimese should give chance to new comers or young generation.

  • Karma Subba

    Stop! making fool to us SSBC.
    SSBC is nothing but a group, form by the dirty loser politicians of opposition parties.
    dear Bhandari your time has gone.

  • Karma Subba

    No one can compare the vision , ideology, principle of Dr. Pawan Chamling. That is why he is great.
    For us he is a true guardian.
    Dear HCM sir we are with you & we love you.

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