Kriti Subba is back with another video album

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‘Kriti ko dream volume two’ a video album was released by Mr. Nim Tshering Lepcha, former president of Sikkim Democratic Front, North district at a function organized at the Press Club of Sikkim on 14th of February.

Addressing the gathering Mr. Nim Tshering Lepcha said that ruling Government is interested in encouraging the local and budding talents of Sikkim in any sector. There are many local talents in rural areas who are still deprived of good platform to showcase their hidden talents and the Government is working towards providing these talents a platform along with exposing them even outside state.

Mr. Lepcha added that the Government is ready to cooperate to further expose and develop the skills of the talents in state but the hard work is required from the talented people to achieve the best height in their respective. People in state are spending lots of money on outside artist for performing in the State due to lack of good artist but now through various means the State is trying to produce the talents within Sikkim. There are many artist and talents in the state but they lack dedication in their respective sector Mr. Lepcha asserted. Mr. Lepcha appealed to the youths and artist to be more creative in their respective fields to shine Sikkim in every.

Bhim Pradhan, Editor Baldapran Nepali Magazine said that Ms. Kriti Subba is talented artist and holds the potential of progressing in future as she not only is a good singer but also a poet. Mr. Pradhan added that Ms. Subba has written many poems since school days and her poem has been published in different magazines as well. Mr. Pradhan further said that due to lack of correct guidance youths are taking wrong path and to abolish such activities amongst youths the concerned intellectual people across the State must encourage the youths to choose the right path for attaining better prosperity in the society.

Ms. Kriti Subba producer and lyricist of ‘Kriti ko Dream- volume two’ in her address stated that she was encouraged by her parents so far to become a good producer along with a lyricist for which she thanked her parents; for their guidance and believing in her dreams. Ms. Subba even tanked all her supporters who had helped her during the making of the video album. The album released today consists of eight songs. Ms. Kriti Subba hails from Magshilla, North Sikkim and this is her second video album released after Kriti Ko Dreams – volume one which was released in 2008. The singers in the present album are all local like Mr. Ganesh Dhungel, Ms. Srijana Shilal, Ms. Lalita Karkidholi, Mr. Suman Kari, Ms. Kriti Subba and Mr. Daniel Singh.

Courtesy: Sikkim Mail



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