Five days long training program for lawyers

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Sikkim State Legal Service Authority (SSLSA) organized five days long orientation cum training program for lawyers (with up to 4 yrs of practice) kicks started from today at Chintan Bhawan and will be held till 23rd of April.  The program was chaired by retired Chief Justice, High Court of Sikkim Mr. Justice AN Ray who is also the Chairman of State Human Rights Commission, Sikkim as the chief guest along with judge, High Court of Sikkim and executive chairman, SSLSA Mr. Justice SP Wangdi, Retired judge, High Court of Sikkim Mr. Justice AP Subba and District, Session Judge, Special Division- I and Member Secretary (SSLSA) Mrs. KC Barphungpa.

Addressing the participants the chief guest Mr. Justice Ray stated that primary thing for attaining success in one’s life is only through hard work, sincerity and dedication.  Justice Ray informed the young lawyers that entitlement that is money is temporary in the legal service profession and urged the participants not to chase money only rather to do hard work, to do extensive research work and strengthen oneself and if that is achieved then money will rather run after them.

Likewise Justice Mr. Ray informed the practioners to always respect all types of works that comes before them and also to respect the trainers during the training program to avail more knowledge in the legal service sector.  Furthermore Mr. Justice Ray even urged the up coming lawyers of state to be diversified in this profession along with to avail more growth, knowledge and to move on to the metros for higher position or practice. Mr. Justice adding more said that the connection between Delhi Court and Sikkim is similar as most of the North East cases come  in Delhi  courts so it will not be a problem for the Sikkim’s lawyers to work there.

Mr. Justice Ray adding further requested the practitioners and the law students present during the program never to refuge the brief of any cases they handle in any court.

Whereas Mr. Justice Wangdi in his address said that this kind of training program is first of its kind in any state across the nation and urged the participants to concentrate maximum to avail maximum knowledge.  Furthermore Mr. Justice Wangdi informed that Sikkim is a small, new state and only in the year 1978 the legal service became effective in comparison to other states of the nation but there is a need to build a character of its own “code of conduct” in legal service sector in the state to create a model.  Adding more Mr. Justice Wangdi stated that SSLSA has many roles to play in the state as well as in the national level and the main motto of conducting such training is to provide access justice to all.

Mr. Justice Wangdi adding further said that SSLSA will keep on conducting seminars, workshops and training program in future as well for improving the legal service in the state along with to uplift the lawyers in the state as the existence of senior lawyers is very less.

Mr. Justice AP Subba in his address urged the participating lawyers to learn, practice the profession extensively and to work dedicatedly for achieving success in life.

The main objectives of conducting the training program for the practioners cum law students are for making them understand legal procedure, petition drafting, ethical moral values and responsibilities.

The young practioners (Lawyers), faculties cum students of Law College, Gangtok along with designated members of Bar Association of Sikkim attended the function.

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