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Chair GCCC, Sikkim to talk climate in US

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Prof. Syed Iqbal Hasnain, currently serving as the Chairman of the Glacier and Climate Change Commission (GCCC), Gangtok, established by the Sikkim Government will speak tomorrow (Tuesday, October 19) at the Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington DC on the topic ‘Asia’s Growing Crisis of Floods and Droughts’. Prof. Hasnain, a Distinguished …

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Honeymoon in Changoo Lake

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A honeymoon website recently posted a question on its page: What are the best possible locations to spend honeymoon in December (either in India or some nearby countries)? Out of the many responses it received, the longest and the most passionate response by one Arbindo Ghosh said that it is …

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Ordination in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition

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His Holiness the Dalai Lama feels that it is important to know that nuns and monks ordained in the Tibetan tradition follow the vows set forth in the Mulasarvastivadin school of monastic codes. The gelong/gelongma (bhikshu/bhikshuni–the fully ordained monk/nun) level are recorded in the Mulasarvastivadin school’s Individual Liberation Sutras. Interspersed …

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Sikkim to benefit from NF Rly’s new PRS plan

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Courtesy: iGovernment Bureau At present 156 PRS centres are being operated under the NFR at different locations, including far-flung interior places of the region All district headquarters across Northeast including Sikkim will soon have an IT-enabled Passenger Reservation System (PRS) for railway reservations. The Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) is gearing …

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Thank you letter from SIBLAC to Environment minister

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To Shri Jairam Ramesh Ji Hon’ble Minister for Environment & Forest Government of India New Delhi. Sub:Expression of Gratitude and request to Scrap the 99 MW Ting-Ting Hydro Power Project and 97 MW Tashiding Hydro Power Project proposed on the same sacred river of Rathong Chu. Respected Sir, It gives …

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Durga Puja in Sikkim

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Shovayatra at Singtan (Photo Credit: Durga Puja is one the most important festival of the Sikkemese people celebrated by the Hindu Nepalis, Bhutias and Lepcha’s alike. This festival is being celebrated right now across the state. On this occasion Pujas (worships) are being held in Pandals (tents) and big …

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Dance and Music of Sikkim

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The communities have their own traditional folk dance forms. The Nepalese, the Lepchas and the Sikkimese have unique folk dances, each different and each amusingly groovy. Folk Dances of Nepali: Maruni Dance Maruni One of the oldest and most popular dances of the Nepalese associated with the festival of Tihar(Tyohar) …

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2 creamy layer undersecretaries terminated by Sikkim Govt.

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Courtesy: Sikkim Express Surgery needed for ‘creamy layer’ malady. Trouble signal as scores of MBC, OBC employees from affluent background got hired since 2004 Faced with a situation that called for a careful surgery, the Sikkim government has gone for an amputation terminating the services of two undersecretaries appointed in …

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Sikkim CM in New Delhi

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Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling is in the capital New Delhi. He called on the Governor B. P. Singh at Sikkim House in New Delhi. The Governor is recovering from a heart bypass surgery undergone recently. The CM came to Delhi from Gangtok on Tuesday. The Chief Minister spent …

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Sakewa (Rai Community)

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Sakewa is one festival which is celebrate with great enthusiasm by all the Kirat Khambu Rai. It is also known as Bhoomi Puja or Chandi Puja or land worshipping ceremony by others. It is generally celebrated by all the Kirat Khambu Rai especially in villages. They are basically nature worshippers …

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