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How Sikkim was won! Tryst with India

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When India gained independence in 1947, the privileges that were enjoyed by the British Government in Sikkim passed over to the new independent regime of India. Sikkim, along with the other Princely states formed a great dilemma to the Indian leaders who had to bring in these states for the …

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How Sikkim was won! The British Experience

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By: Joydeep Hazarika On 14th April, 1975, Sikkim became the 22nd state of the Indian Union. Sikkim, regarded as one of the Seven Sister states of northeast India, has a stormy history when we look into its accession into the Indian Union. For centuries Sikkim had remained a Shangri-La for …

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Sikkim in Transition

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Early Days: When the era of Kingdom started and the many land came under the clout of kings, Sikkim still remained a tribaldom. Tribes were fragmented with different leaders heading them. Every tribe was far from contemporary development and led a very nomadic life. Amongst the various tribes constituting the …

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