Chamling’s Sikkim tour- Day 16

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Proper justification and positive criticism will help the government in shaping the society- CM

Kunal Rai

Jorethang, 13th June: Chief Minister Pawan Chamling on the 16th day of his 40 days long village to village tour visited numerous villages in West District falling under Rinchenpong Constituency like Bara Samdong block, Gairi Gaon, Shree Badam and Soreng.

The CM addressing the public at Bara Samdong informed that there are numerous people in the party who are misleading, misguiding the public at large and making fake promises which can never be fulfilled. Chamling said that the SDF government since inception has been continuously working towards the upliftment betterment, up gradation of the poor people of the state, villages and the state at large and till date no demands put forward by the citizens has been turned down but during the earlier government no development were carried out so much so compared to the SDF led government at the grass root or the village level.

Informing more CM said that those who play with the emotions of the people may even leave the party. This will make the SDF party and the government more pure and visionary. The presence of such people in the party and the government is damaging, hampering the image of the party and its government in the state. I am not a leader to take the support of lies in retaining the government and position but a leader to lead Sikkim towards prosperity and those who do not like my policy of pure, true governance opposes me and my government, added CM.

Furthermore the people of Samdong even felicitated the CM where he said that we are also human beings and want love. He further said that this also proves that our government has done a lot for the development of the society and villages in every level across the state along with providing full freedom to very individual with out any discrimination in any sector of life.

The CM stated that the people who are opposing him today are all easy money makers, illegal money makers and drug addicts whereas the government is hindering the path of earning money and adopting polices which blocks their prosperity but we want to remove such prevailing bad practices from the state, and make Sikkim a true model state of the nation. Further more CM appealed to the educated youths, people of the visited areas to adopt new profession of earning sustainable economy like village tourism, home stays, organic farming, animal husbandry, hydro power projects and many more which the government is focusing upon as this profession is a long term process of benefit along with awarding opportunity to the people of Sikkim to be the job providers rather than job seekers.

Like wise in regards to developmental works CM said that numerous schemes were passed for the development of the areas like PMGSY, construction of school building, drinking water supply and many more which are not completed till date and added that there are numerous works where 90% of the bills have been withdrawn prior to completion of the project. Adding further CM said that all works sanctioned by the government are all public necessity and fund utilized are public fund so the people must be conscious in reacting, opposing the non completion of works in schedule time and complain but the people do not practice the same and are suffering today. I am here to awake the people to know their rights and privileges in democratic form of government along with knowing the ground reality and addressing about the government polices, plans being adopted across the state and in the mean while fulfilling the demands, grievances put forward by the people at large.

Addressing on tourism sector CM informed that the government has planned to bring about one crore tourist in Sikkim in a year but for that the people of Sikkim has to be ready by engaging themselves in tourism sector and those interest in this sector will also be awarded with government facility too.

Further more CM said that he is working towards making Sikkim the first eco- city state in the world where every facility necessary is given to the people and where people are sustainable in every sector. Adding more, he said that until and unless the people of Sikkim are self sufficient, growers, producers, self reliant the state will never turn to be a developed state or progress in the true sense.

Urging the people further CM stated that every individual of the state must change their mind set and engage in a modern profession of increasing source of income as the traditional ones are now becoming outdated to suit the new era of globalization.
Addressing about the health sector CM in his address informed the gathering that 1000 bedded hospital at Sichey is under construction and the American technicians are on the construction process and added that there are also plans of constructing a helli port on the roof of the hospital for the transport of critical patients.

Whereas at Sorang CM in his address concentrated on the education sector and the transition phase that the state is currently under going that is from old technology, traditional to modern one.

Furthermore the demands like links roads, water supply, construction of news school building, carpeting of roads, play grounds and many more were granted on the spot including other demands.

A model police station at Soreng was inaugurated by the CM during his visit. The police station is constructed with a total cost of Rs. 58.95 lakhs in an area measuring 4000 square feet. The newly constructed two storied PS consists of separate male and female Hazat, office, rest room for women, kitchen, 18 bedded dormitory etc. The first phase of CMs tour in West completed and the second phase of the marathon of West District is scheduled to begin from 18th June onwards.

(Courtesy: Sikkim Mail)



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