Decisions taken during tour to be taken as cabinet decision: CM

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CM completes 9th day tour

Kunal Rai Rabong

Gangtok, 2nd June:

The day’s tour of the Chief Minister’s door to door marathon started with a visit to Phatam Junior High School, Borong Phamtam Gram Panchayat Unit which is one of the remotest village in South District. Admitting that this is the first time that he has visited this place,Phamtam, the Chief Minister said that this programme is a journey to the people where the actual rulers of the state reside. Introducing his team of Ministers and head of departments to the villagers and sanctioning various projects the Chief Minister said that all decisions taken during the tour is to be deemed as decided by the Cabinet.

At Namlung, a remote village below Ralong Monastery the Chief Minister expressed his dissatisfaction over the inordinate delay in the implementation of carpeting work of road towards Namlung and directed the Secretary Roads and Bridges to impose penalty and take action against those responsible for the delay and expedite the work. He reminded that when the SDF government came to power for the first time the government had sanctioned the road connectivity from Labdeng, Karzi to Phamten stretching about 28 km but added that till date the road construction has not been completed.

The CM added that the non completion of the road under his government is his fault as “ I am the head of the ruling party and the government”. CM apologized to the people of that area. The CM further urged the Ministers, Secretaries, Panchayats concerned and the people at large that the sanctioning of any scheme is not the only solution but requested every one to ensure that the projects are completed and the intention with which they are auctioned are fulfilled. Directing the departments concerned CM said that the road connectivity granted earlier is to be given the top priority and be completed and even urged that those who have obstructed or faulted must be traced and action must be taken against them.

People listening to CM Chamling at Ralong

People listening to CM Chamling at Ralong

Referring to demands put forward by the Phamtam JHS with regard to fencing of school area the Chief Minister said that public properties
are meant for the people and it is they who have to provide social fencing to the property instead of infrastructural fencing. Assuring the people to fulfill their demands the Chief Minister said that the government wants to provide the required basic amenities and opportunities to the people of the rural areas like that of urban areas so that rural economy gets boost like that of urban economy and people of rural areas do not have to migrate to urban areas in search of greener pastures.

During the last 18 years much value addition has been made in the field of Sikkim’s development, he said. But at the same time the state lacks strong civil society to appreciate, defend and do constructive criticism of government policies and programmes.

Speaking on the issue of Gyalwa Karmapa Urgen Thinley at Old Ralong Monastery the Chief Minister reiterated that the state government has taken initiative to bring Gyalwa Karmapa Urgen Thinley Dorjee to Rumtek Monastery. “We are hopeful that this issue will be solved and he (Urgen Thinley) will take his throne in Rumtek Monastery”, the Chief Minister said. Chamling said, “Our government is the true follower of the preaching of Lord Gautam Buddha and urged the lamas to start preaching the principles of Buddha across the state for the peace and prosperity of Sikkim. Speaking about the monastic education he said that our government has planned to start educating lama students not only in Buddhism but in other discipline such as science,mathematics, history and all other subjects for the overall development of the monks.

Interacting with the public at Namlung Village

CM interacting with the public at Namlung Village

The CM also visited Namlung, Chuchey Dhunga where he declared the area to be developed as a view point and directed the department concerned for development of the road and other facilities of the area. Zilla Panchayat member of Ralang Borong GPU Ms. Doma Bhutia apprised the CM about the existing problem being faced by the villagers and said that the teachers at Phamtam Junior High School are all from other places and most of them do not stay at Phamtam, hence she suggested that the local candidates be made aware of the ad hoc posts so that they could help in solving this problem. Adding more Ms. Bhutia stated that the alternative road for Phamtam Borong GPU starting from Mangchen via Ralang Purano Gumpa to Borong should be constructed as soon as possible as during monsoon the existing road is disturbed because of frequent landslides and the village products from the area can not be taken to the market. Ms. Bhutia also stated that their GPU produces milk and is also sold in the market so the facility under animal husbandry is required along with milk center in between Phamtam and Borong.

A 67 yrs old lady resident of Phamtam Borong GPU Mrs. Mangal Maya Tamang was very happy with the visit of the CM to their village and said that this is the first time that she is seeing him face to face and added that this is his greatness that he is visiting and meeting the rural people like us and even carrying out the required developmental work as requested by the people. She further informed that the major problem in their village is lack of drinking water supply and informed that they have to fetch drinking water some times from far flung areas or the near by river which is located at a distance of not less then 4-5 kms. Furthermore Mrs. Tamang said that as the area is dry no agricultural products apart from Maize is grown and that too is damaged by the animals like monkey or bear and requested the government to find a solution to their problem. During the day long tour the Chief Minister also visited and offered prayers at Borong Monastery and Old Ralong Monastery.

(Courtesy: Sikkim Mailo)



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