Bad road and weather make trade and tourism difficult in Sikkim

GANGTOK, July 1:
The bad road condition and frequent land slides along Jawaharlal Nehru Road connecting Thangu, Baba Mandir, Nathula (Border Trade), Kupuk, the hottest tourism destination in state, along with the trade has been reported to be interrupted or hindered a lot this year from the on set of monsoon.

Speaking to the media President of Indo China Border Trade (Sikkim Association) Ms. Nima Futi Lachungpa informed that the trade is carried out on a continuous manner starting every Monday to Thursday a week since the opening of border trade from the month of May 2011 and the trade is operating successfully too.

The import and export of goods as listed are transacted successfully but the interruption caused by weather in the form of land slides or the bad road condition is breaking the continuity of trade currently informed Ms. Lachungpa. Further more Ms. Lachungpa stated that a trader has to cross the border within permissible time that is 10 am or to the extent of 10:30am for carrying out successful trade but the weather and bad road condition is detaining the traders to reach or cross the border in time leaving no trade for the day. Since the commencement of trade the traders for not less than 5-6 time have been hindered and were not able to trade this season added Ms. Lachungpa.

Adding more Ms. Lachungpa went on to appeal on behalf of the association to Border Road Organization to at least maintain or keep open the through fare for traders during trade period.

Where as while speaking to one of the trader Mr. Ratna Bahadur Chettri, resident of JN road informed that the trade is on but the frequent disturbance caused either by bad road or the slide has hampered the free movement of trade.

Adding more Mr. Chettri informed that the widening of road is on the process and the Border Road Organization (BRO) have been working tirelessly putting every effort in making the road suitable for free movement considering the early completion of extension.

Further more it has been informed that during this tourist season the road condition of JN road, uncertain land slides or felling of boulders, debris barred the free movement of tourist to the happening destinations like Thangu, Baba Mandir, Nathula or Kupuk. Apart from that the bad condition of road towards North district even to an extent hindered the free flow of tourist have been learnt from the sources.

(Courtesy: Sikkim Mail)



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