Sikkim Power Deptt demand 261 crores to restore power supply

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Sikkim Mail

Gangtok: October 21

The Department of Power Energy has put forward a demand amounting to Rs. 261 crores after assessment of the damages met by the devastating earthquake that jolted state on September 18, 2011 under long term restoration process, whereas Rs. 168 crores have been requested under the immediate restoration work to the government.

While speaking to Secretary Power and Energy Department AK Giri informed that 66 kilowatts transmission line along with numerous 11kw lines have been majorly damaged in most of the areas in state inclusive of the foundation where cracks have been developed due to earthquake and currently the shifting process is underway considering the smooth supply of electricity.

Adding more he mentioned that maximum damages of power department have been reported in north district where many Hydro Electric Plant (HEP) such as Rabonchu with 3 mega watt, Lachung state- 2 with three mega watt, meyongchu with 2 mega watt and Chaten HEP which was under construction have been severely damaged.

The supply of electricity in east, south, west district inclusive of most of the areas in north like Lachung, most of the areas in Dzongu have been met after temporary restoration. Whereas the restoration of electricity in Lachen will still take few more days as the work of restoration is under way and the work is being carried out in a war footing manner. Likewise there are some places in Dzongu area where the supply of electricity will take some more time as the connectivity to those area are still to be restored.

When asked about the damages in the Mega Hydro Power Projects across state Secretary Giri stated that no damages, cracks in the dams built inclusive of tunnels have been reported so far to the department by the construction companies.

Adding more Secretary AK Giri in respect to lower legyap water conductor burst damaging the houses, school building of Nandok village said that the repairments of the lower legyap conductor will be carried out to the satisfaction of the villagers of Nandok and after their censuses the HEP will be operationalized. He added that the department will take up every restoration works based on the central assistance. Apart from the lower Legyap HEP the Jalipower house water conductor, cannels inclusive of Rongnichu stage-2 sited at Topakhani and the office, infrastructure of the department have been damaged badly by the slide that originated due to the earthquake.

The generators in the areas without the supply of electricity especially in north district have been provided by the department till the restoration of electricity supply is mitigated.

When enquired about the works of 13 micro HEP in state that have been already sanctioned by the government he said that out of thirteen 6 projects have been sanctioned for north district whereas 7 projects for east and the works of all the projects are underway. The capacity of each project underway will be in kilowatts which will be enough for a village to suffice the electricity supply.



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