Confused Sikkim businessmen ask GMC to solve toll tax issue

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Kunal Rai
Gangtok: November 7, 2011

There has been skepticism in the minds of the businessman under zone III in Gangtok Municipal Corporation (GMC), as recently two tax collectors have been collecting the toll tax. The confusion has led the businessman to stop paying the toll tax.

The businessmen informed that they have been paying the said tax to the authorized person but with the advent of the unidentified person, suspicion has crept in their minds.  The unidentified person has been threatening the businessmen and claims himself as the tax collector. For now the businessmen have stopped the payment of taxes because of the confusion.

Adding more the shop owners mentioned that they are not happy with the irregularity in the system  of the toll tax. The collector restricts them from unloading the goods, if the tax is not paid uniformly and timely. This in turn has affected the community and is facing huge problem, they added.

The shop owners, business community especially the wholesalers of zone III have demanded the concerned authority to intervene at the earliest in solving the issue regarding the collection of toll tax. They also requested the department for fixing of taxes as per the size of vehicle or the goods loaded as the community feels that if such system is introduced then there will be full transparency in collection of taxes. ‘The paying of toll tax has become a huge issue presently as we are unaware to whom the taxes needs to be paid’ adds shop owners, business community. The paying of toll tax across state varies from one place to another inclusive of the size, type of the vehicle. The medium size goods carrier here in zone III is charge Rs. 400/- per vehicle whereas of heavy vehicles its Rs. 600/- per vehicle, per day. Like wise some of the shop owners have been paying a total sum of Rs. 800/- per months for their vehicles under toll tax, they added.

While speaking to the Mayor GMC over the phone in respect to the toll tax issue being faced by the business man falling under zone III of GMC informed that he was unaware of the issue. None of the business community has complained in this regard, he said. He further assured that on 7th of November he will be calling all the authorized toll tax collectors to his office to solve the issue at the earliest.

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