GSI submitted report to the Sikkim govt on the earthquake

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Gangtok, November 4, 2011:

Most of the buildings in and around Gangtok and adjoining areas devastated by the September 18 earthquake were built on land with a fragile sub-surface, the Geological Survey of India today said. The GSI submitted a report to the Sikkim government on the earthquake which claimed over 75 lives.

“Most of the damage was to buildings in and around Gangtok and the adjoining areas as the rock below was very fragile,” Director, GSI (Sikkim Unit), K Premchand told PTI.

“Another cause was the heavy construction. In future, people should construct less floors and take permission from structural engineers,” he said. According to Premchand, slight tremors would continue for over a month which was natural. After the earthquake, GSI officials visited all the affected villages to assess damage and collected data from the seismic stations in the state.

The reports have been sent to the Earthquake Geology Division of GSI in Shillong for interpretation, which was awaited, Premchand said, adding the full report would be submitted within this month. He said he recently visited north Sikkim and saw that there were major damage to mainly to the Mangan-Chungthang, Chungthang-Lachen and Chungthang-Lachung roads, which were littered with landslides triggered by the earthquake.




  • Navin Rai

    Not a new & enlightening comments from Mr.Premchand, GSI, another job done. Almost all technical people knows that himalayan region has fragile sub-surface, at the same time people has to live wether by constructing RCC building or huts or shacks..watevr. if the number of floors is attributed to the damage caused by Earthquake, den wat about dos houses in the villages which wer damaged during this earthquake. it has got do it with duration, intensity and of course fragile sub-surface which was already been disturbed by the level/intensity of tunneling, excavation on the hills for roads, use of explosive as an easy option to fasten the work.. one can take the map of Sikkim with details of hydroelectric power projects & overlay it with the locations where major damages has been caused by this earthquake n der we will get the answer. By the way, who says Earthquake kills the people or damages the property…its the results dat causes the impact.

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