Illicit drugs in Sikkim, a result of porous border: DIG Range

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Silash Tamang
Gangtok: November 18, 2011

Sikkim Police is known for its personnel who are disciplined and work with dedication. The credit of Sikkim as a peaceful state today no doubt goes to the charismatic leader on a bigger scale but the pivotal role played by Sikkim Police cannot be ignored. They work 24X7, day and night, have no festivals to celebrate and no personal life to enjoy, and stands as a strong pillar for maintaining peace and order in the state.

It is very difficult for the police man to carry on his daily life, like every one of us.While talking to Sikkim Mail, DIG Range, Sridhar Rao said that, it’s not only the Police but it is the collective responsibility of the people which is needed for shaping and strengthening the society. The civil society, NGOs and different other
welfare association must join hands to make Sikkim a better place to live. While stressing on the present scenario of drugs smuggling, he said that, the border being so porous and so wide the police has been facing lot of difficulties. One of the major limitations in this regard is that of the coming up tourists to
visit the state.

‘We cannot check each and every individual intruding Sikkim via Melli or Rangpo, as many of them are tourists’ said Rao. But on the other hand, Rao stressed on the improvement of checking equipments which would be less time consuming, as well as more useful. The peddlers on the other hand have been showing creativity in peddling drugs but the police have been on top. The cross-check in the border needs to be balanced as it’s practical and formidable that drugs can come from anywhere.

‘We cannot unload the whole truck in mere suspension, as it consumes lot of time and man power’ said DIG.
When asked about the chances of smuggling arms and ammunition as to create panic and disturbances in the state may carry out by the foreign fanatics through the porous border, Mr. Rao gave a call for investment to bring up well equipped checking mechanism and machinery, ‘sniffer dogs’ which can do work of more than ten people.

Stressing about the legislation on smoking cigarettes at public places and about the less action which has been registered he said that it’s not only the duty of the police but it’s also of the general public.
For police it’s the duty which comes first and shall maintain so in future.

There are small and minor cases where police cannot reach but it’s also a part on the general public to be responsible and cooperative to carry further the flag of peace to fly high. Adding further he added that legislation passed will be implemented strictly by the department as to ensure rule of law in the state.

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