Sikkim-qauke: Health Department ask 50 crores for restoration

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Sikkim Mail
Gangtok: November 11, 2011

The infrastructures, equipments have been reported damaged due to the massive earthquake that rocked the state on 18/9 of the department of Health Care, Health Services and Family Welfare (HC, HS & FWD) across state considering which the Director General cum Secretary HC, HS&FWD Dr. K Bhandari has submitted a demand assistant amounting Rs. 50 crores for the total restoration.

Likewise under immediate restoration the department has demanded assistance amounting Rs. 11 crores using which the immediate restoration including minor damages have also been carried out extensively.
Adding more Secretary Dr. Bhandari mentioned that after assessing the damages met by the department due to quake numerous Primary Health Sub Centers (PHSC), Primary Health Centers (PHC), quarters of all class in numerous places inclusive of infrastructure in district hospitals have been affected badly which requires
new construction that too immediately so that the service to the public can be rendered normally by the staff. The major damages includes Health Department Secretariat Annexure building, Ladhakey building at STNM premises, quarters of all class at district hospital Singtam, Rongli PHC- class II quarter, Sang PHC garage cum seminar hall, Lingdok PHC quarter III, Tumin Pachak PHSC building cum quarter, Namchi District Hospital – Administrative block, Melli PHC building, Quizing PHSC, west Sikkim , Reshi PHSC and Class III quarter, Soreng PHC class II, III, IV quarters, Sombaria PHC class II quarters, North district- Phodong PHC class II quarter, Chungthang PHC class II quarter, Passingdang PHC new building construction, Lachen, Lachung, Shipgyer and Sakyong Pentong PHSC building construction along with class III quarters construction.

The deputed staffs in numerous places under PHSC, PHC even due to lack of proper space of treating the people is rendering there services by shifting the center to the quarters available which is really appreciative added Secretary Dr. Bhandari. The restoration of all damages under Health Department is must as health sector falls under emergency department considering which Secretary Dr. Bhandari mentioned of requesting the government to make the restoration work of the department with priority.

There are a total of 147 PHSC and 24 PHC in state is learnt and the lack of skilled manpower like medical officers, nursing staff along with specialist doctors persists in the department even today in dispatching general duty.

Furthermore informing about the stock of medicine he said that due to earthquake the procurement of medicine was delayed but in the mean while the department purchased the medicine required which sufficed the requirement during the disaster. The tendering of the procurement of medicine has already been completed whereby the procurement of regular medicine has started flowing in the Central Medical Store, Tadong which will be dispatched according to the concerned outlets in state to meet the demand placed. The total medicine inclusive of all consumable items procured by the state amounts to Rs. 10 crores where Rs. 5 crore is spent for procurement of medicine.



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