Advisory by Sikkim police to prevent thefts and burglaries

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Gangtok: December 19, 2011

Incidents of thefts and burglaries have been reported in few parts of the State in the recent past. The Police has been quick to respond and in a few cases apprehended the accused and recovered the stolen properties.

It has come to light during investigation that most brake-ins have occurred where houses have remained locked for long durations or when in mates were at present, as per a Press Communique received from the Office of the Dy. Inspector General of Police/Range, Police Headquarters, Gangtok.

A disturbing trend noticed in such cases is the involvement of young men, mostly below the age of 18 years. The law requires these Juvenile offenders to be treated differently and may be because of this many of them have been found to be involved in repeat offences. Handling and preventing crime by such young offenders is proving to be a big challenge to the Police.

While efforts are in place from the Police to prevent crime, the result of such efforts would be manifold if the public also remain alert to the movements of strangers in the neighbourhood and alert the Police.

In view of the long stretch of holidays in the coming days, the following advisory is issued to the general public to minimize the chances of criminals taking advantages of situations.

Police has asked not to leave cash and jewellery at home if one is likely to leave home on a long holiday. Ideally it should be kept in bank lockers. Also Alert the Watchman and the neighbours should be alerted to keep a watch on the household. Installing burglar alarms and steel grills on exposed doors and ventilators will make the house safer..

Discussing travel plans with strangers can cause trouble, so one should strictly avoid it. Also Keeping the lights on in one or two rooms and outside for deterrence is a good idea.

If going on a long vacation then one must request relatives or friends to check occasionally the household during the absence.

Finally, the local beat Constable or PS kept should be informed about the any long absence.

These safety measures will indeed lessen the incidents of thefts and burglaries in the state.



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