Sikkim Chief Sec. makes presentation on quake relief

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Shri Manmohan Singh, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India inaugurated the Annual Conference of the Chief Secretaries on 3rd February, 2012 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. Karma Gyatso, Chief Secretary, Sikkim attended the Conference along with the Chief Secretaries of all States & UTs. This year’s the Chief Secretary’s Conference gained importance as various important issues pertaining to the development of Infrastructure, Internal Security, Centre – State relations, Innovation initiatives, Skill Development, Crisis Management and Good Governance were discussed at length including the opinion on the fresh policy initiatives sought from the Chief Secretaries.

Karma Gyatso, Chief Secretary was given the privilege of being the only Chief Secretary among the other 34 Chief Secretaries of various States / UTs to make a detailed presentation on Crisis Management and the Sikkim experience of handling the Rescue, Relief and Rehabilitation works in the aftermath of 18th Sept. 2012 Earthquake. This privilege was accorded to the Chief Secretary, Sikkim because of the fact that the Hon’ble Chief Minister and the State Government took immediate and prompt action to mitigate the sufferings of the people to the satisfaction of all.

The presentation made by Shri Gyatso was discussed at length by the delegates and much appreciation was made in the deft handling of the situation and immediate action initiated by the State Government for the relief, rescue, re-construction and re-habilitation initiatives. This was applauded by all including the Union Home Ministry and Union Cabinet Secretary.

The Chief Secretary, Sikkim, also attended a Dinner hosted by the Hon’ble Prime Minister at his residence on 3rd Feb. 2012 wherein the Hon’ble Prime Minister inquired about the request made by Shri Pawan Chamling, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim, as to whether the advance released for re-construction and re-habilitation under Prime Minister’s Special Package has been received or not. Shri Gyatso conveyed the gratitude of the Hon’ble Chief Minister and the people of Sikkim for receiving the 1st installment of funds towards the Prime Minister’s Special Package for Sikkim.

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