Sikkim won’t return empty from World Wushu Champ.- OS Singh

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My students are my inspiration- Wushu coach OS Singh

He is born for the game. During his early childhood he always involved himself in games and sports. He is 6.2 ft tall and has a giant physic. He always spent 2 hours in gym and sweat almost for 2 hours practicing Wushu. Today we have the 46-year-old Sikkim Wushu coach OS Singh who is just back to Sikkim winning his first international Wushu gold, held at HongKong recently. He claims it is the most remarkable day in his life.

• How you feel after winning the first International gold?

It feels out of the world. Years and years of practice has resulted into the medal. I had to beat 25 other participants to grab the gold and I am contented with my performance.

• How you manage yourself as a coach and a player?

You know, it’s very difficult to maintain as a player as well as a coach. I am throwing myself into practice like a 25 years young man. I believe my zeal beyond comprehension which makes me both. Till today I have never rested my body for the gap of 15 days. I spent time on gym for 2 hours and 2 hours practicing Wushu

• How you first come to know about Wushu?

Earlier I was a taekwondo and Karate player. I also won many national medals in both. It was in 1985 when the instructors from Nepal demonstrated the game in Manipur which I loved it. I then onwards was associated with Wushu. Unlike taekwondo and karate which are semi contact, Wushu is a totally contact game, power game which I liked the most.

• When did you join Sikkim as a coach?

It was in the year 2005 that I had a call from Sikkim and I joined here. Before coming to Sikkim I was a district coach in Manipur. From 2001 to 2004 we stood the national champion. During the time of my joining Sikkim was very raw in the game. I had to work hard, counsel the students and the parents about the game that is very different to that of taekwondo and Karate. But now I am satisfied as Sikkim till date has bagged international as well as national medals.

• Where you find Sikkim in Wushu today?

The way the state has progressed, I am pretty satisfied. Till date the state has won more than 20 gold medals in the national level. In 2008 Binita Rai of Sikkim bagged National Child award in North East which was handed by congress president Sonia Gandhi. Sikkim has also won team championship in the North East. In the sub-junior national level Sikkim stands in the 5th position. Wushu in Sikkim is 25 years younger in comparison to other states of the country but we are putting our best efforts to compete with the other counterparts. Recently in the championship in Hongkong, one of my student Binita Rai clinched gold in 48 kg fighting. Rai won her first bout against Russia, second bout with Italy and the final with China. China won the match in close encounter and the panel also played tactics which I had complained. Actually Rai was also suffering from Diarrhea which made her weak.

• What are the State government initiatives in Wushu?

They are helping very much. Investments are made but still lots have to be done as Wushu is a big game. The chief minister, sports minister and the secretary for sports are very much helping. Recently the department provided us with equipment and many others are in pipeline.

• Are the Parents of the players complain you concerning injuries?

They used to complain in the beginning as the game was alien in the state. Wushu being power game injuries occurred often. But I used to sensitize them, educate them on the game. Now my students are the best fighters in Northeast and of national repute, their parents are proud of them.

• Can you tell us about your family?

Actually I am from Manipur. I am staying her with my wife and the youngest child and he studies here in Gangtok. Two of my daughters are studying in Manipur.

• Your most remarkable day.

When I won the first international gold medal at Hongkong. Till today I have not been returned empty handed, my students either me used to bring medals from events. No bad day for me till date.

• Who is your inspiration?

My students are my inspirations. Like the first national child medalist Lasomit Lepcha, first senior international silver medalist Binita Rai, Aaron Gurung and many more.

• How you find Sikkim?

It’s like a home away from home. The people are hospitable, caring and loving. The environment, the face cuts each and every aspect is similar to that of Manipur. I don t think that I am away from home. Though I am an Ad-hoc working here, I will enjoy till the time when I will stay in Sikkim.

• What you wanted to see Sikkim in future?

I will make Sikkim number one. I will also participate as a player for Sikkim and the country and bring back medals. I wanted to produce good local coaches for the game within 1 year. Till when I am serving Sikkim, I will give my cent percent and make Sikkim proud.
Sikkim have also been selected for the forth coming 11th World Wushu championship slated to be held either at Taiwan or Singapore in the month of July. We are very much preparing for the event. Let me tell you that Sikkim will not return empty handed from the game.

Thank you very much Mr. Singh for giving us the time. It was pleasure talking to you. wishes great luck for the team in the coming world championship in Taiwan.



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