Sikkim Governor presented Our India to Prime Minister

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Gangtok, December 10, 2012

Sikkim Governor Balmiki Prasad Singh, who authored ‘Our India’ presented a copy of this book to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on November 29 here in the Parliament House, said Public Relation Officer to Governor in Gangtok on Saturday.

The book ‘Our India’ written by Balmiki Prasad Singh portrays the author’s appreciation of India’s experience as a civilization and as a nation. It is published by NCERT for inclusion in school syllabus.

Our India is a synoptic narrative of India’s history which offers fresh perspectives in the evolution of India as a country of ‘hoary antiquity’ to a nation-state with exemplary institution of democracy and pluralism. It provides a brief account of the growth of India’s rich civilization and great achievements – covering the initial phase of Vedic civilization, civilizational encounters, social reforms, nationalist consensus during 1820-1947, India after independence and thoughts on India of the future.

The book ends with the author’s appreciation as, “I am still learning about India. At times, India’s history, its achievements and failings make me happy; at other times I feel angry. But I always feel proud, not in any ‘narrow’ nationalistic sense, which in itself is significant, but in the wider sense of values that India provides to her children: a simple living, family ties, tolerance for other points of view, spiritual quest and respect for ecology.”



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