Crimes rising against Sikkimese women – SHRP

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Gangtok, January 4, 2013

The Sikkim Himali Rajya Parishad (SHRP) has questioned why the SDF Cheli Morcha, ‘otherwise quick to congratulate the State government’, is remaining indifferent on recent cases of sexual assaults on women and cooking gas problems faced by families.

“There are horrific cases of sexual assaults on Sikkimese women especially the gangrape of a minor girl at Rorathang recently. Where have the SDF Cheli Morcha disappeared at this juncture?

They are also women and should rise above party politics to come out to protest against such crimes”, said SHRP women wing convener Dharmala Sharma in a press conference on January 2 here at Press Club of Sikkim.

Mrs Sharma pointed out the SDF Cheli Morcha members are ‘quick to come out celebrating the achievements of SDF government’. We are yet to see the same response from them when women in Sikkim are facing serious problems,” she said.

She also condemned the recent gang-rape incident. “We protest such incidents. We request the State government to frame strong laws which deter people from committing such deplorable acts. Let there be a law which instill a strong sense of fear among such people”, said the SHRP women wing convener.

Mrs Sharma said that SHRP would be soon protesting in the streets against such incidents. Mrs Sharma raised the LPG problems being faced by families in Sikkim.

“The main sufferers are women. LPG shortage is creating problems within the families. We see that our neigbouring States have nine refills for the families but here it is only six.

We request the State government to immediately ensure that people here also get nine subsidized LPG refills in a year”, she said.

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