SIBLAC demands CBI enquiry on projects in Kabi Longtsok site

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SIBLAC submitted memorandum to Sikkim Governor demanding CBI enquiry

Gangtok, July 3, 2013

Kabi Lungtsok Neydo at North Sikkim is the very site which stands as the epitome of Sikkimese civilization since 13th century, the abode of Ajho Thekong Tek-Ngekong-Ngal and Jhyo Khey Bumsa. These historic figures initiated oath of blood-brotherhood between the Lepchas and Bhutia at this very location with Supreme Guardian Deity Khangchen Dzonga as the grand witness. The very appellation Kabi Longtsok in Lepcha means erect stone with our blood which is an oath sworn, thereby culminating the modern history of Sikkimese harmony and prosperity. In fact, since then, this site is held in extreme esteem by all the Sikkimese with performance of annual rituals and elaborate ceremonies, both by Lamas and Bongthings, said Sikkim Bhutia Lepcha Apex Committee (SIBLAC) in a letter submitted to the Governor of Sikkim on July 2, 2013.

However, insensitive Government of Sikkim is hell bent on tempering and defiling with the sacredness of the site with its so-called ‘development’ tag vis-a-vis tourism oriented project of the sacred location which is not acceptable to us, both the lay and monk communities of Sikkim. Authorities must keep in mind here that in the name of development, most of our sacred religious sites at Dzongu, Rathongchu and almost all over Sikkim are already under threat while the only untouched site of Kabi Lungtsok has also ultimately been put to the wrath of so-called development which otherwise could have wisely been planned in any other vicinity of the area. We consider this as design to eliminate our religion, culture and tradition from its roots, SIBLAC stated.

More unfortunate is to witness the helplessness of the local Area MLA cum Minister Thinley Tshering Bhutia compelling the police officials control the situation at Kabi Longtsok on July 1, 2013 who are protesting this anti Sikkimese project, a place of worship and covered under the Places of Worship Act, 1991 and other relevant laws for the reasons best known to the authorities.

Under the circumstances, we seek Your Excellency’s immediate intervention to scrap any kind of activities or the present project called ‘Beautification & Development of historical place at Kabi Lunghcok in North Sikkim’ that defile or tempers the very sacredness and originality of the Kabi Longtsok. We further seek a CBI enquiry to the effect that how such anti-Buddhist and anti-Sikkimese project could ruthlessly be imposed on us at Kabi Longtsok. We strongly apprehend the role of Ministry of Development of North East Region (DONER), Government of India or its other concerned officials or units on this whole episode, SIBLAC demanded.


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