Drama over corruption at SPCC meeting

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AICC’s strategy to win public opinion on its stand on Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare backfires.

All India Congress Committee has organized a public meeting at the office of the Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee (SPCC) at Development area, Gangtok on 25th June. During the meeting (AICC) Secretary, Sikkim In Charge, Dr. K Jaykumar had to face strong protest from own party cadres after he maintained a soft stand on corruption charges labeled against state Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling by Sikkim Pradesh Congress Party (SPCC) long back.

Jaykumar was here in Sikkim to address AICC public meeting at congress head office premises. The meeting supposed to cry uproar on much tweeted Baba Ramdev’s movement for repositioning of black money and Anna Hazare’s movement for Jan Lokpal bill, proved to be a backfire move for the AICC itself here at Sikkim after their own PCC and general members cried foul on central government’s soft stand on corruption charges of almost 9000 crores laid by SPCC against ruling SDF members some time back. The disturbance started when Jaykumar was counting the anti corruption initiatives of AICC which SPCC members found hard to digest. Thus others started condemning Jaykumar’s speech that led him to stop his speech in the middle.

As to calm his fellow congressmen, Jaykumar assured that he will look in to the demands and grievances made by congress men and would include it in their work action proposal. He also assured to bring out their work action proposal within 15 days. However still he could not complete his speech and had to leave in middle after facing intense protests.

Earlier, Jaykumar cried foul on Baba Ramdev’s agitation for repositioning of black money and termed him as a bluff under saffron. “BJP, RSS, Viswa Hindu Parishad and others are backing Ramdev’s agitation. Why are Gadkari and other BJP leader backing him then”, he had questioned earlier. Also claiming Anna Hazare’s call for Jan Lokpal bill as a move to create political turmoil upon central government, Jaykumar stated that if this bill was important for opposition parties and civil society, why wasn’t the demand raised at the time of BJP tenure, he questioned.

Earlier, PCC member, JB Darnal demanded immediate CBI enquiry upon corruption charges tagged on Pawan Kumar Chamling and others. Similarly, other speakers blamed the AICC for reacting in a cold manner to the SPCC programmes and initiatives.

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