Osho Meditation Camp to be held in the State

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Even after 21 years of his death Acharya Rajneesh popularly known as Osho is still remembered for his experiment to create the bridge between the humans and the God. With 500 Osho Centers established all around the world and thousands of followers in every corner the Osho Revolution seems to be influencing our State too.

Swami Anand Arun, coordinator of Osho Tapoban Commune and an intimate disciple of Osho from the last 40years; also the founder of the Osho movement in Nepal will be conducting the three days Osho Meditation Camp in the State from February 25 to February 27. Briefing about the founder of the Osho Revolution/ World, Swami Arun informed that the Osho Foundation has introduced 600 new ways of meditation. The level of stress has increased gradually than the olden times therefore all the meditations taught by the Osho Foundation helps in declining the stress level. Also explaining the difference between the Osho foundation and other institutions which teach meditation Swami Arun said that the Osho foundation doesn’t differentiate between religions. Every person belonging to different cultural and religious backgrounds can join the Osho community, informed Swami Arun.

The main motive of conducting this three days camp is to spread Osho’s message to the people of Sikkim. Saying that Yoga and meditation are two different forms Swami Arun added that Yoga takes care of our body while meditation takes care of our mind. Further he enlightened that a person’s body, mind and heart should be pure. The purity of these three elements leads to a peaceful life. Yoga and meditation together can create a better, productive and creative human being. Adolescence being the important phase of life should be taken seriously. “A youth has the capabilities to change the world”, states the Swami.

Also commenting on the much discussed and frequently questioned topic on Osho about sex, Swami Arun said that no religion in the past has accepted sex. A person should have a healthy attitude towards it and should understand that sex it the root to our existence therefore it is undeniable. Instead of being a hypocrite a person should be honest and natural, concluded Swami Arun.

This Osho Meditation Camp is being organized in the State for the third time and it is the first of its kind being organized at a larger scale, informs Anil Pradhan, coordinator of the Osho Chaitanya Meditation Center, Gangtok. More than 150 participants will be participating in this three days camp including international participants. A session will cost Rs 500/- (meditation plus fooding) a day for the participants who have their own accommodation, for those who don’t they can get accommodation at the Sidlon Residency and will be charged Rs 2000/- for three days (fooding, lodging and meditation included). On the last day of the camp i.e. on Sunday February 27 any person can participate for the session from 2 pm onwards free of cost.

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