Sathya Sai Baba’s health further deteriorates

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Millions praying for Baba’s recovery and thousands pouring in his hometown of Puttaparthi. Followers want to be with their Guru as he used to with them in times of trouble.

But health of a godman has not changed a bit and is still very critical. “A cycle of slow hemodialysis has been completed on him this morning. He continues to be under close scrutiny and round the clock treatment by the panel of doctors attending upon him,” said a medical bulletin issued by the hospital.

86-year-old Sathya Sai Baba was hospitalised on March 28 following problems related to heart and respiration. From then on Baba’s health kept on deteriorating.

Government is keeping eyes on the developments. Officials of Stahya Sai Baba trust and Government officials are meeting today to assess the Baba’s health and to decide future course of action. Administration feels that if anything goes wrong there would be lakh of devotes flocking in Puttaparthi.

But devotees are hopeful that Baba will recover. They feel that Bhagwan has made the prediction to live upto the age of 96 and this can’t go wrong. Their firm faith is also based on the fact that Sai Baba in his 60’s had massive heart attacks but recovered. One of the followers commented on that “You are mother and father for us. Don’t make me anath(orphan)”.

As per reported in the National newspaper, some of the followers even come out with absurd logic. “Nothing will happen to Baba. He’s enduring the pain of a 106-year-old ‘muni’ (sage) in the Himalayas who’s in his last stages. Once the sage is revived, the swami will automatically recover,” said another staunch disciple and Sai Seva Dal volunteer Venkat Reddy.

But on the other side Sathya Sai Central Trust trust is drawing equal attention. The trust handles the property of worth rupees 40,000 cr. The panel which handles trust includes Sai Baba’s newphew R.J Ratnakar, former IAS officer K. Chakravarthi , Scientist Venkatraman and former CVC S.V. Giri. There have been allegations from some sections of media that the fund is being diverted from the trust. But R.J Ratnakar rebuffed these allegations and said that “it’s unfortunate that that at the time when we are facing crisis some are trying to mislead and creating confusion among devotees”.



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