Street play on the evils of drug addiction performed at Singtam

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Non Government Organization (NGO) Spark organized a Sadak Natak (Street Drama) today at Singtam Bazaar to aware people on Drugs and addiction. The drama was performed at shopping complex and taxi stand at Singtam, where many people eagerly saw it. The people of the area also appreciated the drama and encouraged the participants.

“Due to lack of awareness programme drug addiction has been increasing in the state” said Mr. Deepak Sharma. Speaking to reporter’s script writer Mr. Deepak Sharma informed that the drama will be performed all over the state and they will spread the awareness to people and give message regarding the result of drug addiction.

Through the drama people will understand the outcome of drug addiction because many youths loss their life because of this social evil, he added. He appealed to all social organization, intellectual, and civil society to come forward and save youth because youths are pillar of the country, state and society and they have power and will to bring about a change in the society.

Mr Sharma further appealed to all people to keep away their children from drugs and give them right direction. Mr. Tulsi Chettri, Singtam Police had also participated in the drama.

Courtesy: Sikkim Mail



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