Karmapa Office denies Chinese code in its computers

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Press Release by Karmapa Office of Administration

February 19, 2011

In regard to recent coverage based on unnamed sources that portions of the hard drives seized by police contain indecipherable Chinese code, the Karmapa Office of Administration flatly denies that its computers have any sections intentionally restricted by Chinese code. As part of the investigation, the Office gave full scans of the hard drives in our office, as well as one laptop. Separately, four laptops were seized from the private home of one Office staff member. All Office computers were purchased in India. They have no special encryption and no Chinese code. Only one computer is used for correspondence in Chinese with disciples from various Chinese-speaking countries. Access to that computer was protected by the standard user name and password used in all Windows 7 computers, and requires no special coding. His Holiness the Karmapa is a highly venerated Tibetan Buddhist world spiritual leader with a lifetime-long commitment to protecting and preserving Tibetan culture and religion. He has the full support of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and the Tibetan people, as well as the Himalayan Buddhists. Allegations that he is an agent for the Chinese Government is based on fabrication, not fact.

Spokespersons for the Karmapa Office of Administration
Karma Topden and Deki Chungyalpa

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