Where is media and govt?: Karmapa devotees

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On the second day of peaceful demonstration by Karmapa devotees, the government and the media remain indifferent.

Two days of daylong peaceful prayers in burning sun by Lamas from across the north India at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi; visits by hundreds of devotees, faithful and sympathisers and outcry in the heart and minds of millions of Buddhist devotees in India and abroad doesn’t seem to be “Newsworthy” to any of the mainstream Indian media. Nor has any Central Government ministers including the Prime Minister, Home minister or anybody else has given time to meet the representatives of the Karmapa devotees who have come from as far as Sikkim, Ladakh, Arunachal, Himachal and Darjeeling to New Delhi to hold peaceful prayers for the happiness and prosperity of all the Indians.

Sikkim's most celebrate journalist Karma Paljor came to cover the prayer meet

Sikkim's most celebrate journalist Karma Paljor at the prayer meet

No wonder the mood among the devotees remains of anticipation. Yet, hope is what the devotees of HH the 17th Karmapa have not given up.

“We came with folded hands, white robes and prayers on our lips. Media covers frivolous incidents, murders, crimes and scandals. But what we are doing is no news for the media”, said Karma Toden, former Indian ambassador to Mongolia and one among the devotees. “Buddhism is a peaceful religion. We hope that the government listens to us”, he added.

“It is ridiculous that the mainstream media runs stories of Arushi murder and Amar Singh phone tapping but not peaceful protests”, said a young Buddhist at the venue.

"The 17th Karmapa is not a Chinese spy"

"The 17th Karmapa is not a Chinese spy"

Interestingly, many cameras could be seen at the peaceful prayer meet of Karmapa devotees yesterday and today as well. But no major TV channel ran the story.

“What do you do when your prayers are not heard”, asked another young devotee from Ladakh. “It is our elder’s generation that has this much patience. I doubt when our generation will lead, we will tolerate such indifference.” Another groups of youth said, “If we would have burnt cars and pelted stones on government offices, we would have immediately got coverage. This is shameful.” One of them adds, “If we are not heard, we will have to be disruptive.”

CNN IBN Business Editor Karma Paljor, the most celebrated journalist from Sikkim told iSikkim.com, “All these Buddhists come from border areas along China and Karmapa is a very sensitive issue for them. If there is instability in Ladakh, Sikkim and Arunachal and unrest spreads, the government and the nation will be in serious trouble.”

Sikkim Loksabha MP P D Rai paid visit to express solidarity with the devotees

Sikkim Loksabha MP P D Rai paid visit to express solidarity with the devotees

“We have asked for time with the Home minister and the Prime Minister apart from others. I hope we get an appointment. We are the people of this country and have come here from great distances. We hope that we will be heard”, said Mr. Karma Topden.

Tomorrow, the meet will come to an end with a candle march. May be the media and government sees light before darkness envelops these peaceful lands.

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  • Tume

    Now these Tibetans and their leadership threaten the goverment?

    This is what is shamful, for India to have hosted them all these years and to hear the demanding, arrogant tone of these lama cohorts . They really do believe the hype of their exalted status, and their surprise that “one of their own” would be expected to actually deal with the relative world of cause and effect? Do they really believe that the Indian goverment is so enamored of this priestly brahhim cult that it would jeopardize the security of its country to cater to their medieval, book burning culture and let THAT determine India’s policies and laws that they seem to feel they are above? .


    karmapa case is not yet proven so accusing him of being anti india is a big lie to defame our guru.india government is doing its investigation and took much liberty in defaming karmapa and hurting milllions of its followers. for 10 years, karmapa lama was under strict control of indian govt., his childhood has been through harsh phase., imagine a young child under police control for 10 years.just put your own child there and imagine.. this is india who is doing it and tibetans respects land of law with utmost care.today, this case gone out of control so after so many days of investigations nothing is coming out. peacefull resolution of the conflicts is the only solution that our guru teach us and to respect others. give respect and take respect. if your mind is all negative then you will ultimately becomes unhappy.if you spit on air,spit will fall on your own face.just do research and write a comment with proof and evidence.otherwise, file a FIR AGAINST HIM AT COURT ,ITS MORE PRODUCTIVE .


    It warms the heart to see all Himalayan Buddhist people united in support of His Holiness the Karmapa. Truth will prevail and Karma will truly turn full circle to haunt those who have slandered our revered Lama. Karmapa Kheno!

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