Golay should resign from the Assembly: SDF

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SDF party issued a press release which states that the present democratic political environment, built assiduously over the last two decades is one in which the Sikkim Democratic Front Party has the complete mandate of the people with absolute majority and it runs the Government. They also arrested that P.S Golay should resign from the assembly and start his own party.

So far the democratic ideals are fully embraced and there is rule of law, transparent governance and all pillars of democracy functioning independently. Consequently there is a stable democratic environment which has led to peace and huge development in all sectors. Economics and social development is visible everywhere. All indicators for the same have been repeatedly reported in the media and elsewhere. However, there is an emergence of vested interests. Lots of anonymous letters and leaflets are doing the round. CDs are being circulated in an effort of vicious propaganda against the ruling party, Government and the leaders. There is severe character assassination going on. This kind of anti people and anti democratic activities needs to be condemned in the strongest of words.

Press Release further says democracy allows for people to ventilate their views even of it against the Government. But they have to do it in their name and banner. Why the difficulty in identifying themselves?

In a democracy all people are welcome to form parties and say their piece. However, they have to then take responsibility for their actions. When one comes into the public domain then one has to be prepared to face the public questioning and scrutiny. Hence, those who are now taking recourse to malafide ways of airing their views and that too trying to make it look as if it is coming from the SDF stable will be advised not to do so. Their motives are one that smacks of plotting against democracy and the people of Sikkim. This is heavily conspiratorial in its design.

Anyone wants to form a party and come into the political arena is free to do so. However , we will oppose anyone who works in a clandestine manner with the full force of the law. It is anti people and undemocratic.

Those who want to oppose from within the party and not maintain party discipline can lead and form their own party. The release further states that the unfortunate incident in Singling, Soreng is one in which the SDF Party and MLA of Soreng, Shri R.B.Subba , is not responsible for. He was visiting the area as the door to door campaign of the party is ongoing. We understand that old enmities of youth had been the trigger. Such like incidents are only representative of the kind of regime maintained by Shri P.S.Golay in the area. Why else is there no such issue in other parts of the State?

He should resign from the Assembly and fight on his own ticket and party to continue the democratic process. The poor people of Burtuk who voted him to power in the SDF party are fed up and want him to resign. They would like to choose another candidate who would represent their constituency in a more productive manner. It is pertinent to note that the SDF party and its leadership is responsible making him an MLA four times and a Minister three times. The release concludes with the words- let democracy prevail.

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  • hemen parekh

    Laws cannot touch the Lawmakers

    In Israel, former President Katsav got a jail-term of 6 years for rape.

    It is a different story in India, where lawmakers are exempt from the laws !

    In April / May 2011, Indians will elect Members of Legislative Assemblies for 5 states.

    Will they be any better than the outgoing 813 MLAs , of whom :

     25 % are criminals

     204 have 516 criminal cases pending against them

     83 are facing criminal charges for murder, kidnapping and extortion

     97 are billionaires

     403 did not declare PAN [ Permanent Account Number ] details

    ( Why file an Income Tax Return ? )

    These are findings of National Election Watch ( as reported in DNA, March 13,2011 ).

    Democracy in India, is a political invention to enable citizens to choose who should swindle / loot / rape / murder them for the next 5 years, without fear of law!

    With regards

    Hemen Parekh

    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

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