Against unauthorised price rise in Sikkim

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Press Release
Dy. Director (M&QC), Department of AH, LF & VS, Government of Sikkim

The recent unauthorized hike in the rate of chicken in Gangtok and surrounding areas was brought to the notice of the Department of Animal husbandry, Livestock, Fisheries & Veterinary Services. On 19th February 2011, the team led by Dr. Madan K.S. Shanker, Dy. Director (Marketing & Quality Control) visited various meat retail shops located at Tadong, Deorali & Non-Veg. building at Kanchendzonga shopping complex (Lall Market), Gangtok for verification of rate. It was revealed that the retail shops were selling dressed chicken at the rate of Rs.130/- to 140/- per Kg., the rate much higher than the rate fixed by the Department.

The Dept. of A.H, L.F & V.S. has notified the rate for selling Dressed Chicken at the rate of Rs.120/- per Kg. It was also found that the meat stalls located in Lall Market neither displayed rate board nor displayed the Trade Licence. All the meat stalls were issued typed Government rate board for both dressed chicken & live chicken and were instructed to make rate board for display to the consumers with in a week time. The consumers on the spot were also briefed about their right to know about the Govt rate and it was interesting to observe the consumers queuing for refund of extra money they were charged.

Similarly, in the evening Dy. Director (M & QC) accompanied by Ms. Yankela Bhutia, Sub-Inspector of‘ Ranipool Police Station, visited the meat stalls located in Ranipool Bazar and found that the vendors were selling the Dressed Chicken at a higher price than the rate notified by the Government. The vendors have been warned not to overtax the consumers and contravene the notification issued by the Government. Though Trade licences were displayed but none of the shops displayed rate board. Accordingly, all the shops were issued typed rate board to be displayed to the consumers.

During the visit one thousand six hundred and eighty numbers of eggs were confiscated from one of the shops located at Ranipool Bazar. The person involved in smuggling the banned item has been booked under the provision of Sikkim Live Stock & Livestock Products Act, 1985. .

The Department of A.H.L.F & Vety. Services request all the consumers to pay the vendors as per the Government rate. Any discrepancies in this regard should be reported to the Dept. of Consumer Affairs and Dept. of A.II.L.F & V.S.



  • Resident

    I like the tone in which the IPR release talks.

    After all who is responsible for the shortage in poultry products in Sikkim, the Government Order which bans the entry of poultry products in the state.

    For a bird flu break out in Malda for a month, Sikkim’s ban on poultry products lasts for a year.

    Get behind the bird flu excuse and you realise, it is the poultry business in Sikkim which reaps the harvest of a price hike.

    This matter should go to court., the government has to rationally explain the recurring ban on poultry and the long periods to prove that its ban on poultry is not to benefit some poultry business in Sikkim.

    You get nothing on MRP price here in Sikkim. What will periodic raids achieve, stupid press releases like this?

    It is a nexus of bureaucrats, who do not care about the prices, ignorant ministers and whole seller and the culture of cheating people.

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