Blossom Fest 2011 to rejuvenate the students

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Namchi, Jan. 20, 2011:

Cultural Heritage and Traditional Devotion are the real wealth of a society or a race in the truest sense of the term. Every sensible race in the world is keenly adherent to its own wealth. Dating from a distant past to the present, culture has played a vital role in the making of a society. In other terms, this can be said that culture is the real identity of any civilization. With an aim of preserving the rich heritage of the state the Students’ Representative Council of Namchi Government College is organizing Blossom Fest 2011 from February 23 to February 26, 2011.

In their own words the main objective of the fest has been outlined as: “Our rich cultural heritage is on the verge of extinction. We, as the responsible citizens, bear the responsibility to preserve the same and this is our chief motive behind this projected festival. The festival will certainly concentrate on the local and traditional cultural activities. Our students and people are unaware of such kind of festival. Hence, we would like to make their minds conscious of this, which, obviously, is a popular phenomenon in the world today. This will help them in their future assimilation with other culture and tradition beyond the state. This festival will be devised in such a way that our local and talented artists will have a chance to showcase their talent. This will motivate the artists and their caliber will be recognized. As such, they will be able to carry on their cultural enterprise in the future and will show the way for the upcoming talents. This celebration will also enable the parents of the students to rightly decide for their future as this will give them a platform to prove their worth in the fields of their interest.

Students will also learn to carry out their responsibilities of life as they will have a chance for their involvement in the said festival. The psychological temperament of the students will be rejuvenated and they will refresh themselves for a better strategy of study and course work. The monotonous attitude which might have been rooted in their psyche due to the constant study and no recreation will be revamped. The festival will also feature awareness programmes on HIV/AIDS, Drug Addiction, and Global Warming along with Blood Donation Camp. This will also let the students to go for adventurous courses and thus their career will be moulded in a different way like, bike stunts by the adventurous artist of Sikkim, glass breaking event, screaming and shouting events, Wild Dance Games, Fire Disaster Management Programme, Draw of raffle for college festival has been prepared. These will naturally be highly beneficial for the students. The festival will also motivate the passive students to come forward and contribute in whatever way possible. The disinterestedness of the students towards their study and other liabilities will also get relaxed. The prospects of village tourism will also be certainly highlighted. Thus, the financial aspects of the local people will see a fruitful face. Finally, this festival will give a chance to everyone to come closer with each other and the relationship cycle of ‘teacher-student-parents’ will be strengthened.”

(Courtesy: Sikkim Mail)



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