Buddhist leaders meet Home Sec. for Karmapa

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Press Release by NCM

Smt. Spalzes Angmo, Buddhist Member in the National Commission for Minorities (NCM) led a nine member delegation of Buddhist leaders and monks from Sikkim and Ladakh to the Home Secretary, Mr. G.K. Pillai at North Block on 16th February, 2011 at 4.30 pm. The delegation pressed upon the Home Secretary that the sentiments of the Buddhist community of Ladakh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh were deeply hurt by the allegations levelled by the media, intelligence agencies and state government of Himachal Pradesh that His Holiness the 17th Karmapa was a Chinese spy. They further added that the people of the Himalayan region are nationalists and patriotic to the core and have fought wars on the borders to defend their motherland.

The Home Secretary assured the delegation that the Centre did not regard His Holiness the 17th Karmapa to be a Chinese spy and that the office of His Holiness the 17th Karmapa should be advised to have knowledge of the existing laws and to hire Chartered accountants to manage the funds in a proper manner and register the trust under Foreign Contribution and Regulatory Act (FCRA). After the probe it was found that the cash received was part of donation and offerings.

The Delegation had earlier met the UPA Chairperson Madam Sonia Gandhi on 12th February, 2011. UPA Chairperson had assured the delegation that she would look into the matter so that the sentiments of the people would be assuaged.

In the light of the above, Smt. Spalzes Angmo would like to thank the UPA Chairperson, Madam Sonia Gandhi Ji, Union Home Minister Shri P. Chidamabaram and Shri G.K. Pillai, Union Home Secretary for respecting the sentiments of the Buddhists community of Ladakh Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh by giving a clean chit to His Holiness the 17th Karmapa Urgen Thinley Dorje and for restoring the dignity of the Karmapa institution.

This would go a long way in keeping the unity and integrity of the country alive.

(Sushma Gautam)
P.S. to Member

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  • Phurba

    Dont let this kleptocracy off the hook India, they are trying to build their monastic empire now around the world, with the help of China. This is the Gollum lineage, it is not the true Karme Kagyu lineage. This is not buddhism, it is aristocratic , greedy lamaism that allows money and power to corrupt the dharma. This is the very lamaism that ruined Tibet, not the Chinese; lamaism made Tibet a weakened state, Tibetan lamaism weakens everything, most importantly it weakens people’s minds.

    Think about all the farmers that can’t farm in India? This is money coming from rich faithfools and ignorant devotees, that believe they are buying a place in heaven, thanks to these lamas. This is not Buddhism, it is lamaism. And it cannot exist for long in any democracy, that is why lamas have accepted China as the “motherland” now ( although they haven’t yet told the Tibetan refugees) while the lamas are bringing lamaism back to China, to help as a force for quelling dissent among the people in China . A totalitarian, repressive religion “lamaism” that quells all critical thinking, partners up with a totalitarian capitalism, China. The lamas will still have their rich Chinese millionaire faithfools, just as India and the West has had them. That’s all they care about.. “Where’s the money” is the real question always on their minds. That’s what they are contemplating in those monasteries, not the Buddha’s teachings. And that is what Himachal Pradesh discovered when they pulled back the “curtain” on the backstage of their operations. It’s always about the money and building more and more monasteries until they conquer the world, just as they conquered Tibet with this lamaism.. India, you had a glimpse, will you shut the curtain again? The thinking, intelligent, discriminating world is watching what you do India. Will you stay mired in ignorance and superstition with these holy men, or join and evolve as you are so poised to do, entering the 21 c in your unique and rich way?

  • gyalpo

    Phurba or masquarade man or anybody else whoever you are. I wish to make you know that you are not the only person in the world who knows something about Lamaism. Knowing something is good but not knowing something properly is dangerous. You can easily pinpoint the minuses of Lamaism. Did you know about pluses of Lamaism too. You are a negative person and a negative person always see negative in anything they come across. Be positive and think everything in positive way. You showed yourself to know much about Buddhism. Tell me what do you know about Buddhism? Buddhism is complex and in that complexity lies simplicity. So, you tell me something simple basic Buddhism. Forget talking about Lamaism and Buddhism at a broader aspect. Whoever you are? You are an ignorant person who knows nothing and pretends to know everything. You know what Lord Buddha said. Buddha said dont try to know too much unnecessary things it will make one loose mental balance and bark like mad dog. And I guess that applies to you when you have been barking everywhere like a mad dog since Karmapa and Tibetans name appeared in the newspaper. I advice you not to think much about these news and pray to god so that you gain your mental balance soon Phurba the imposter. Good Luck by a well wisher Tsewang

  • lobzang

    it is heartening to see the comment of Mr. Phurba. I am a Buddhist too and have always accomodated every spiritual being, whether highly respected and popular like Karmapa or for that matter a simple monk. Gyalpo is right that Buddhism is so complex from outside and if practically put into practise the basic principles, very simple… infact one of the simplest philosophies in the world.

    Yes, there are many organised gradization of the an institutation but the case of His Holiness Karmapa is different. He is still young and cannot be any manner be responsible for the donation collections as he may not be handling any money personally.

    We do understand that the staff should have been more carful in handling the donations. On the other hand India has not given the proper permission to Karmapa Insititution of accempt foriegn currency donation. Complication lies there and there are enough people to defame the Karmapa and their hand in exploiting the situation cannot be ruled out.

    It is a pity that Karmapa left China and he is being treated in such manner here in India too.

    Truth shall prevail and those responsible should understand that the law of the land is important to follow too.

  • Phurba

    Yes, yes, of course, he could do no wrong , because he is a holy man. That is the logic of fools, east or west.

    India wake up. This is a group that enslaved their own people for 900 years, and the are trying to enslave the world now with their distorted buddhism that puts people to sleep and in a trance , giving them their money . They stole all the wealth from their own country men for 900 years, enslaving them and putting them to sleep and they are trying to do it throughout the world now, rebuilding their aristocratic /lama theocracies and monasteries. This is not the dharma , it is not what the Buddha taught. They got away with this exploitation because they were isolated, now the world had a chance to see who they really are and what they are really about , money and power. If India covers this corruption up , with a clean slate, it is joining the US in its fantasies and stupidity about these lamas. Is that what India wants, enslavement to these lamas, allowing them to get away with their illegal activies? To keep a short term peace, and to enable a long term enslavement to these holy men? Who are so ungrateful to India that they would steal from her to keep their own kleptocracy going indefinitely? Because that is what you are giving a clean chit to, a group so arrogant, so indifferent to the host cultures around that they can’t be bothered to learn the law of the land where they have been living for three generations?

  • Phurba

    But why am I talking to people who have clearly drunk the Koolaid? This is not the Dharma, it is not even the lineage of the 16th Karmapa anymore, who , in his way , and his time tried to tamp down this lama corruption, intrique and politics. I have actually been a practicing buddhist for 30 years, and in the West , because they were about seducing us too, we had much more intimate contact with these lamas. They do nothing with all the money they raise, except to build more monasteries, to keep themselves at the top of the heap of ignorance. Who do they help in India besides themselves and their rich aristocratic relatives? Just as they did in Ol Tibet. Milllions and millions of rupees, and dollars and yuan they have and who do they help? All that money could have bought a college education for each and every Tibetan refugee in India. Do they even have the “thought” of helping others besides themselves and their continuation of their way of life by building more franchise monasteries, to bring in more money and devotees. . The are parasites, always living off their hosts , whether it be poor nomadic Tibetans , or rich Californians or Indians. When the world finally wakes up to this, I hope it is not too late. What really happened during this kleptocracy being found with their hands in the cookie jar? They put out their PR media machine, they sent out their faithfools to protest , east and west, they are a well-oiled wealthy machine that is fooling the world.

    And that is one of their main teachings by the way, “don’t be negative” “don’t be critical” only have good thoughts, in particular don’t have any critical thoughts about “us the lamas” that would allow others to see what they are really up to . It is a lama cult, not buddhism. The Buddha admonished people to question everything. These lamas brainwash people to question nothing. That is how they enslave people and always have. That is how the controlled the Tibetan population for 900 years, making sure they questioned nothing, just like they are doing now.

  • tenzin

    Sorry Phurba the looser. I am a born buddhist and not an opportunists like you who go around changing religion like chamelion changes its skin colour. You have been a buddhist 30 years and then another religion which suits you for another few years. So on and so forth, pity for you. Someone above has rightly pointed that you are a mental person and like a mad dog. Do you think 30 years is enough to know Buddhism.? Aha you know how to quote what Buddha said but you dont know how to practise what Buddha said. Patiency and compassion are the main assets of human being and the person that you are seemed to be lost at that. Your mind is filled with hatred, anger, jealousy and negativity. First of all you clean yourself and steer clear of these negative characters. Then come here on the forum and discuss something. Unless, you are not fit to comment here. People who are naturally negative bring negative energy to the whole atmosphere. Myself a being a Tibetan and follower of buddhism know what is good and what is bad. We dont have to learn from a low person like you what to do and what not to do. Indians and Americans are not fools to follow buddhism. Like you said buddha directed one to check what is good and not and they have checked it and following it. Those who dont like they are not following it. The matter stops here. Do you think if a person like you keeps on spreading hatred like this everywhere it will be sucessful? We are living in a free world and not enslaved to anybody. You free your dirty mind first and then talk something about Tibetans being enslaved to Lamaism. Just because Tibetans are faithful to Tibetan Buddhism doesnt mean they are enslaved to Lamaism. You are really enslaved to negative energy and please try to free yourself from negativity first okay.

  • iSikkim

    Dear All,
    It would be wonderful on the part of all of us if we have the courage and humility to respect other’s point of view. In a world where tolerance and peace are in short supply, denying the role of Tibetan Buddhism hardly seems logical. There can be some issues about every issue but for that we shouldn’t afford to altogether deny what has bestowed the world with the message of peace and harmony for hundreds of years. Finally, we request our readers to exercise maximum restraint in the use of language on public forum like this.

  • phurba

    One thing we have learned over the last 30 years of involvement with Tibetan lamaism, is that lamas and their devotees never see their own negativity as such. Ad hominem attacks, physical attacks, etc, . And of course book burning are par for the course.

    Yes quite a picture you present to the world now. So now, after the “book burning” the sales of the “Buddha’ isn’t Smiling book will skyrocket. The west will start questioning their Shangra-lai fantasies, and will throw off their Dali lama enthrallment. We will realize that this has actually hurt ordinary Tibetans , who also are in the throw of “lamaism” and then both of us will realize we have been duped and our spiritual path hijacked. In the west there has been a teutonic shift that you don’t realize because you only connect still with bubble headed western devotees , orientalists at heart , that want only a fantasy about Tibet, but that is not representative anymore of Buddhism in the west. . We are throwing off the lama yoke, and asking, “what is left here” after the cultural trappings? And more importantly we are going to actually read the words of the Buddha, many for the first time, the sutras, not the commentaries of the panditas, and last of all we might read the Tibetan , why because some lamas here, not in this coterie, are telling us that they are anachronistic and belong to a feudal time in Tibet, and that we have to save Buddhism from tulkuism. There are some lamas, a few that still care more about the dharma, then their wealth and power accumulation. And there are western teachers of Tibetan Budddhsim that can still carry forth the Vajrayana teachings between teacher and student, knowing that it cannot be transmitted from a GOD KING guru to the masses, a guru that is always travelling to garner more money and students. The student teacher relationship has been turned into a configuration of “enthralled masses, their intelligence and critical examining stiffled, and a religious dictatorship in the form of a god/king lama. . So we , in the west, since we spent our last 1000 years throwing off the yoke of “priestly brahmin god kings, ” rather than you , who have dragged this 500 lb chain with you to India, have had a “perception shift” that we can only wish happens for you too as you make a decision, are you Tibetans, fully integrated into Indian society, or still living in the Shangra-lai fantasy that has enraptured you too?

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