Constituency level meet of SDF party held at 23 Syari

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The constituency level meeting of Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) party of 23 Syari was held today here at Bhusuk under the chairmanship of the vice President of Sikkim Democratic Front Mr. D.T Lepcha. During the meeting Speaker of Sikkim Legislative Assembly also the area MLA Mr. K.T Gyaltsen along with the Vice President (SDF) East District, Mr. Somnath Poudyal, President (SDF) Mr. J.K Bhandari, MLA Namcheybong constituency Mr. Bek Bahadur Rai and other members of the SDF party were present.

Mr. K.T Gyaltsen in his address said that they will be organizing a cycle rally from Chandmari to Pabyuk Bhusuk against drugs along with introduction of tourism in Syari constituency as promotion of Syari as a tourism spot. They have plan to open marketing centre at Saramsa where by 23 Syari constituency will be totally changed by 2012 added Mr. Gyaltsen. Adding more Mr. Gyaltsen mentioned that due to good leadership and vision Sikkim has changed compared to earlier government but “We have to convey ideology, principle and policy of the Chief Minister Pawan Chamling to the people of the state as Chief Minister even dreams to make Sikkim economically strong benefiting the people and state accordingly and as of now the campaign of slum free state has also begun.

While addressing the gathering Mr. Bek Bahadur Rai said that youths should be positive and honest and they most follow the party principle and policy. Youth should not take decisions without proper information as they are more responsibility towards the future of Sikkim. Furthermore Mr. Rai even appealed all the people of Sikkim to take responsibility and work sincerely in favor of party along with its principles. “We have to make our party strong jointly as there are many opportunists in the state who want to motivate the innocent people negatively” said Mr. Rai. SDF Government till date has created many opportunities focusing youths but urged that youths needs to be aware of all opportunities provided and build their career accordingly for leading a sustainable, secure life. Furthermore Mr. Rai mentioned that youth should oppose the negative statements made by the opposition parties which always focus to motivate the people towards negative direction. Mr. Rai adding more informed that they will be organizing one year training course on hospitality management at Namcheybong constituency from 15th June and urged all the interested youths to attend it . “Experience is most important in today’s world and for gaining experience and knowledge every unemployed youth must participate in the training program, stated Mr. Rai. There are many industries set up across the state and many vacancies are also available but due to lack of experience out side people are getting benefit and every companies in the state demands for experienced person in every filed but our youths are not interested in taking part in any type of training program which have eventually led to increase in unemployment problem in state today.

The Vice President (SDF) east district Mr. Somnath Poudyal said that the party is currently focusing on youth because youth have power and they can change every thing. Adding more Mr. Poudyal said that SDF Party aims at guiding the people in the right direction whereas some people are trying to divert the mind of the people but they will never succeed in their mission. Mr. Poudyal further said that ruling government has been focusing on education sector since the formation of the SDF government as education is most important for human development along with the development of state and in his address even appealed the people of state to engage themselves in agriculture filed because through agriculture people can survive and avail sustainable economy too. Furthermore Mr. Poudyal informed that the party wants to change the society through education and even focuses on providing right direction to the general public.

Whereas Chairperson and the Vice President of SDF party Mr. D.T Lepcha said that there are many opportunities available in private sector and  the unemployed youths must engage themselves in these sector. The Government in its part is trying to make the youth capable, skilled through capacity building training programme but urged the youths to be more positive in availing the training and to be productive. Mr. Lepcha further appealed the youth to come forward and even urged the educated youths to take their responsibility in solving the soaring the unemployment problem. “We have to work hard and without labor people can never achieve success in their mission”, Mr. Lepcha added.

Furthermore during the programme president (SDF) Mr. J.K Bhandari and Mr. Amosh Lepcha also placed their views to the present gathering.

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