Corruption rampant in the State under SDF:BJP

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BJP strongly condemns ruling party’s statement on corruption

Bharatiya Janta Party, Sikkim Unit in a conference held on 10th January strongly condemned the statement of the Sikkim Democratic Front Party’s spokesperson Mr. Bhim Dahal, claiming that there has been no corruption in the state or the Government.

Mr. Padam Sharma, General Secretary addressing the press informed that the statement of SDF spokesperson is baseless and is trying to hide the reality, further he also informed that the BJP Sikkim unit has found corruption in Khadi Board, Deorali. Similarly Mr. Sharma added that the officers serving in various departments do indulge in corrupt practices and BJP Sikkim unit has proofs to showcase them if required.

Furthermore Mr. Sharma also cited one incident of Khadi Board. He went on to narrate the incident where Mr RP Sharma, serving Khadi Board, Sikkim as an officer had attended a science and technology seminar at Dehradun as representative of the State Government in the year 2009. The officer had bought a project worth Rs.1.5 corers for the state of Sikkim from the seminar.

The project was of extraction of dye from a locally available plant (Banmara). But soon after returning he was transferred to another section under the same Board whereby he was not able to implement the dye project. Mr KC Lepcha replaced Mr RP Sharma and mis-utilized the amount sanctioned for the dye project. Coming to know the same Mr. RP Sharma the former officer filed a petition in the High Court and the accused (Mr Lepcha) was later suspended. Adding further GS said that the suspended officer had already given the dye project to JT Enterprises without proper tender and had even transferred Rs. 30 Lakhs in the name of the enterprise for the job. Further he added that BJP after survey has found that no work on dye project in State has been initiated till date, and informed that there are more involved in fund mis-utilization of dye project leaving the suspended officer aside.

Further he said that “in the name of projects the funds of the State are being mis-utilized” and sighted the recent example of Kanchenjunga Tourist Villa cum Park at Ranka.

He finally concluded by appealing to the contractors bidding for Kanchenjunga Tourist Villa of Ranka to cooperate with them as BJP is working on halting the opening of the same.

Courtesy: Sikkim Mail



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