HRDD in need of a wakeup call

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The entire civic society of Sikkim was shocked when news of leakage of question paper of CBSE class IX came out. Some sort of relief was felt by the public when Secretary of Human Resource and Development Department himself very strongly condemned such action and said that the department will do everything possible to bring the culprits to book and had announced that the department has already filed FIR in the Sadar Police Station to this effect.

But now the sincerity of the department is again put to question when the Police department itself have clarified to the public that what was registered with them was only a General Diary and not a FIR, which was filed by one Mr Kalzang Bhutia, Assistant Director, HRDD. When questioned about the same by our correspondent, Secretary, HRDD, Mr R Telang refused give any comments on the matter and added that Police will take the necessary action! Similarly, Director HRDD, Mr CS Rao also had no comments to offer.

However during a press conference that was held by the department just a few days back Mr. CS Rao and R. Telang had both said that they have lodged FIR against unknown person at Sadar Police Station regarding the leakage of question papers of Social Studies and English. But it has been clear by now that no such report has been lodged nor any Committee to enquire on the matter has been formed. It shows nothing but the incompetence of the department which plays the most crucial role in building the future of the State to perform their duty.



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